Are you ready to align with your inner knowing and move forward with your purpose? I believe there are people waiting for YOUR work, YOUR words and YOUR soul offerings and it is my joy assist you on your journey!

It is time to step into your gifts. 


In simple terms, I assist you by sharing wisdom, psychic information and asking divinely guided questions meant to expand your perception. Working with your angels, I energetically activate your energy field which triggers a deep initiation.
Learn how to expand your energetic field and to ground and anchor it in real-world, practical ways.
“My work with Hannah exceeded any and all expectations. She is truly a gifted intuitive with an authentic connection to Spirit. She ’gets’ the bigger picture of why we are here, to experience and learn. She will not tell you what you WANT to hear, she will impart the messages that you and your higher-self NEED to hear.”
~Michelle A Motuzas, author of Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards

I am an intuitive, activator, angel empath and planetary/cosmic grid worker. I have been doing this work my entire life, but I came out of the “spiritual closet” in 2008. Messages from Spirit, angels and crossed over loved ones were coming through too loudly to repress. I deliver messages, yes, but more importantly, I am a conduit for high frequency activations. Spirit calls them “DNA fractal lightbody activations,” and they are as unique as each client. I work multidimensionally, I have lifetimes of memories as a Wisdom Keeper, and as such, seeing through time and space is very natural for me.

I spent many years trying to keep all of this quiet. Quiet was safe. Quiet kept things “normal.” Ha! My soul had other plans. So here I am. Offering my grateful heart to the world. I love doing personal sessions with people individually and in groups. I am shown energy waves and patterns before they occur and work with the collective frequencies/grids in order to anchor, amplify and integrate it.

Perhaps you feel these shifts in your cells too? It is my purpose to facilitate for others the ability to consciously integrate this energy and move through life in a soul-aligned, practical, and grounded way. Walking this path with consciousness is key.

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I offer individual sessions and group events. I announce events here and on my Facebook page. The events range from Facebook live Q & A’s to live local workshops/fairs.

When I feel shifting energy within the collective grid, I post about it in my energy updates and blog and post a video on my Youtube channel. I feel that much of our work is unseen. Much of my work is private–behind the scenes, working with Gaia, Source, and Cosmic Ray frequencies on this planet and beyond. It is from this perspective that I offer my services with love and gratitude.

As you shine, others may see. As you rise, you raise the collective frequency.

Many, many blessings on your day~