Hannah Merrifield

Intuitive Life Coach
Licensed Massage Therapist



Offering 90 and 60 minute massage sessions and Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions designed to help you live the life YOU want.

“My work with Hannah exceeded any and all expectations. She is truly a gifted intuitive with an authentic connection to Spirit. She ’gets’ the bigger picture of why we are here, to experience and learn. She will not tell you what you WANT to hear, she will impart the messages that you and your higher-self NEED to hear.”
~Michelle A Motuzas, author of Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards

Do you long to be nurtured, have a reduction in physical pain and ease stress? I can help! I’ve been a massage therapist for over 13 years. I do what I love and it shows!

As an Intuitive Life Coach I help people navigate tough transitions, deepen their self awareness and hear and understand their intuition.

My clients leave sessions feeling connected, alive, impassioned and purposeful. Your inner knowing holds the key for your next step. My question is; are you listening?

Call me for an exploratory session to see if working together is the right fit.
(503) 383-9808


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“I feel lucky to have found a great massage therapist that is so in tune to my specific needs. I have been receiving massages from Hannah for over 2 years. She does a wonderful and thorough massage, targeting my tension areas. My mind and body always feel much better after my 90 min massage with her. She is truly an amazing Massage Therapist that I highly recommend!”
~L. C.



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I offer individual sessions and group events. I announce events here and on my Facebook page. The events range from Facebook live Q & A’s to live local workshops/fairs.

When I feel shifting energy within the collective grid, I post about it in my energy updates and blog and post a video on my Youtube channel. I feel that much of our work is unseen. Much of my work is private–behind the scenes, working with Gaia, Source, and Cosmic Ray frequencies on this planet and beyond. It is from this perspective that I offer my services with love and gratitude.

As you shine, others may see. As you rise, you raise the collective frequency.

Many, many blessings on your day~