Shifting With The Current Energy


Transition and change are our dearest companions when we fully surrender the need to control anything. After all, things will transition and change whether you like it or not. We now have five (five!) planets in retrograde. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Pluto. I had several other topics that I was going to write about this week, and indeed started to write about–but in perfect Mercury retrograde fashion it was deleted! It was not meant to be. However, this shifty, ass-kicking, accepts no bullshit, pushes you out of your comfort zone and status-quo-ending cycle was very loud in my energy. Watch my energy update here.

Over the years I have learned that I need to move my body when energy shifts are intense and deep . I tone/chant loudly, sweat, hike, connect with nature. During times like this, if I don’t prioritize self-care I find I am a raging bitch extremely unpleasant to be around. Self-care is important ALL of the time, but especially now.

In order for you to have clarity around what this shift means for you–you need time to be JUST WITH YOU so that you can feel your truth.


Out of all the planets that are retrograde, Pluto, the ruler of the underworld, our shadows and our raw essence has been talking to me the loudest. This energy can be used in polarizing ways, some people really like the rush of riding the edge of that storm, “hell hath no fury!!” Others shy away from the abyss that holds their darkest wounds and deepest connection to self. There is a time and place for both of these reactions. If you are not ready to go deep, you will find trauma and not healing when confronting what awaits there. This is self-protection.

On the other hand, if you are breaking old cycles and setting boundaries, having zero fucks to give is helpful mojo! With all things, balance. We will burn out or stagnate if we stay in one mode of operation too long. That is the true gift of Pluto. It shows you where you are needing to shift and expand….and then oh-so-kindly offers to shove assist you back into authenticity.

This leads me to the other LOUD energies that have been in my awareness. Beltane and Wesak. I am speaking about the energy and influence of these events, and not the celebrations themselves. Both act to IGNITE your divine spark. Both hold the energy of FIRE and LIGHT. Beltane has long been a time to celebrate fertility, seed planting and giving thanks for the abundance to come. This is a juicy energy. Yes, it can translate to sexual energy, but I am feeling the larger connection to your divine creative force.
Questions to ask right now:

What wants to emerge from me right now?
What do I truly desire right now?
What have I been avoiding or withholding because it feels scary or painful to confront?
Do I feel safe expressing myself?
What makes me feel alive, juicy and creative?

Wesak falls on the full moon in Taurus (May 21st this year) and is the celebration of Buddha’s birth, ascension and passing on. Buddha holds the energy of embodied light and even though Wesak is a buddhist holiday, it also holds the energy of Christ consciousness–which is the essence of embodied consciousness. These two energies come together in a very potent and powerful way every year at this time as energy streams onto the planet. It always serves to wake people up, create shifts and it activates the codes of light that are within our cells. Blooming, blossoming, emerging.

We have five planets in retrograde, each one asking us to look closer at our lives and inviting us to go deeper so that we may create authentically. Combined with this we have a surge of light that will be infusing us in May. Remember–this is a gift. An intense acceleration. As with all things, intend for it to unfold with grace.

I will be holding live Skype group events, as well as continuing the in person group events. These will be listed in the “events” section on my home page.




Growing Pains?

Often, we know we need to make a change long before we actually make it. Just like a shoe that is too tight for comfort, old energy situations, people and substances will begin to pinch your toes and blister your heels. Once you finally admit that you need to make a crucial change, you might experience a few weeks of denial, followed by a few more weeks of resisting, bargaining, and arguing with your inner knowing.

For example: you know that coffee is disrupting your sleep cycles, creating an anxious buzz and disrupting your energetic field.  Every time you “check-in,” you get the gut feeling that it’s time to drop it. It’s usually  at this point that thoughts start creeping in along the lines of, “I’ll just cut back!” Bargaining is an attempt to make you feel safe and in control, not to mention emotional triggers you may feel around potential changes.

The bigger the change, the greater your resistance.

That said, if you are feeling resistance around a particular soul prompt, be easy with yourself. There is such a thing as Divine Timing. Intuitives often know about a needed change long before it’s actually time to make it.

As you find yourself on the receiving end of your soul’s subtle (and not too subtle) pings that act as your inner guidance system, it can be very helpful to ask:

•What makes me feel weighed down?

•What do I enjoy, but makes me feel low vibe, worn out and cruddy?

•If I had a magic wand what would I change in my life right now?

Answering these three questions will always highlight what needs to change in your life. You should see at least one area that wants shifting. Here’s the tricky part, don’t be attached to when it shifts. Being attached to an outcome, or self-flagellation over your perceived inability to create change in your life will stagnant the process. Check in with yourself, continue affirming your truth, and perhaps most importantly, call in assistance from your Angels, guides–YOUR TEAM.

Whenever you speak with Spirit, your words do not matter. In truth, Spirit is telepathic, words are for your benefit, only your intention matters. As you ask for assistance, use words that feel authentic for you.

I talk with the Angels all day (and sometimes all night!). When I’m feeling stuck, I get a little more serious. Your angels are always working on your behalf. Always. But they do need your permission in order to offer divine intervention. (Free will and all)

When struggling with a particular situation I might say something like the following:

“Thank you angels, for assisting me in releasing (fill in the blank). Please cut all cords to (Job, person, substance, feeling, situation). I surrender this fully. In all directions through time and space I’m completely cleansed and cleared now. Please give me loud and clear messages leading me to my highest and greatest good now. Thank you.”

And if I’m really struggling:

“Help me NOW please! Thank you!” 


Important and helpful keys to remember in allowing change to occur gracefully in your life: don’t beat yourself up for not making the change(s) sooner. Surrender the timeline of when you think this should happen. Give yourself permission to be authentic ALL of the time, this might sound silly, but through conscious presence and awareness you might notice how often you self edit in order to keep yourself and others comfortable.

Lastly, gratitude creates grace and expansion. Use liberally.