Divine Union

Divine feminine energy was anchored in a deeper way during yesterday’s full moon/Wesak.
This morning, I was woken from sleep by Spirit. I wrote down the message so I would not fall back to sleep and forget. This is a fairly common occurrence for me, and there have been many times in the past that would go back to sleep–sure that I would remember the message—just to awaken later and realize that I’d forgotten! I’m sharing this because I feel this message applies to the collective.
The inner masculine and inner feminine united. Divine Union.
“Hannah, come back into your body. (I travel when I sleep, and they were calling me back into this present moment) You are bringing with you eons of suppressed feminine energy.
This energy has been preyed upon. This energy has been prayed upon. This energy is the awaited Gateway through which the new earth shall be birthed. As always. In love.
Do not fear this energy. Synergy. You are a cocreative vessel of the divine. In this moment you bring the star of light into your 3rd eye chakra and it expands and accelerates wisdom –and it is rooted deeply. (Via the womb, root and earth star chakra) For an even deeper expansion.
The natural masculine counterpart will rise up not only within you, but around you. Hold your holy presence now. The natural masculine counterpart could not exist without the true feminine presence here and now.”
There is a merge taking place. The time of duality has ended–as many of us have known, written about and felt. We have long been in the energy of returning to our wholeness. This is a merge –in unity—with All-That-Is. It occurs when you EMBODY your truth and essence in the present moment.
Everything is coming into harmony—which means that everything that is not in alignment with that harmony/unity is being transmuted. It is being driven to the surface. Honor it as it arrives in your life. These contrasting events and emotions are THE KEY TO OUR UNITY.

Integrating Light

The earth is being infused with codes of light and everyone, whether they are conscious of it or not, is feeling it. This energy will peak on the full moon/Wesak –which is this weekend. This energy has been disrupting sleep patterns, dreams (weird dreams, scary dreams, INTENSE dreams) and your mood is likely all over the place. Your body may be feeling “integration aches.”  Again, I want to stress, this shift is taking place on a cellular level. Our bodies will need time to integrate. Staying present with what you are experiencing will assist this process greatly. Wesak and the full moon are acting like powerful lights highlighting everyting in your life. It is not that often that we are given such a bright light with which to examine our nooks and crannies. This is serving to make your unconscious conscious. Embrace what you are feeling by giving  yourself an outlet for this intense energy. Allow, breathe, cry, bathe, chant, yell, dance, exercise. Find a clean way to express. These emotions and life situations are coming up for a reason. You may find it helpful to ask yourself, “what needs to be released right now?”


The other aspect of this energy is to remember that we are all in this together! Your life purpose serves the whole as much as it serves you! It is a remarkable design really. As you expand into your joy and truth, you will light the way for others. You become a beacon reminding those around you of their own divine inner spark. The same way that focusing on all that you are grateful for raises your vibration and spirits, focusing on how you can be of service clears your path. You stop worrying about the “what if’s” because it is not your ego pushing you, it is your desire to share your gifts with the world in a way that is a divine offering. A heart offering. Over the past few weeks, when I have tapped into the collective grid,I have been feeling two contrasting energies–one that is harsh and uncomfortable on many levels, and the other that is filling you with your own light essence. It is sparking your inner knowing and pushing you into your next. This is heightened by the Wesak/full moon energy of embodied light (buddha) and embodied consciousness (christ). This energy is asking you to be here now. Be present. Be in your body. In this way you will know what you are feeling—and if what you are feeling is even yours. When things are intense for the collective, there can be a lot of emotional and energetic pollution!  This intensity occurs right before a major shift. Take heart!

Whatever it is that you are feeling, know that it has a purpose. Be radically honest with  yourself and you will be able to create the changes you have been looking for.  Repress nothing.



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How do you respond when life puts the squeeze on you? Most of us can relate to pushing back, finger-pointing, projecting your feelings onto another person or situation, and/or retreating. I know I have done all of the above over the course of my years. But something happens when you awaken to the true nature of your being. You gain a deeper level of accountability and humility and reverence. This is a side effect of what many term “the ascension process.” I tend to call it the integration/embodying process. Because ascension implies going upward. Weeee! Going up is FUN! You have epiphanies, you feel alive, you feel raw, you remember your inner truth, your intuition feels very, very heightened. All of this is great! But then comes embodying all that mojo. That mojo is your High Self. Your I AM. And the moment  you start to bring your I AM into your physical vessel, shit. Gets. Real.

This creates a period of healing and integrating and coming back to the center of your soul. This process will never stop, you will never “be done.” You will pass through many initiations and view all life from an expanded view-point, and this will continue pretty much forever. (so chill out already! Stop feeling so impatient) Where ever you find yourself on the ascension spectrum, I am sure you felt the new moon energy we had on May 6th/7th. On top of that we had solar storm/flares and the retrograde action of five planets. This energy is pushing us to unleash our truth, desires and spark. Personally, it felt a bit like, “take a nap, feel grumpy, moment of enlightenment, followed by the need for anther nap.”  This is the side effect of massive downloads of energy coming into the planetary grid and your physical body, and it will feel different for each person. I did notice many people who have been quick to anger. As Wesak approaches (full moon, May 21st) we will be flooded with more and more light. Often this means GREAT INSIGHT and CLARITY! But…light casts shadows, and for those who have not walked through the initiations of learning to love and value your shadows, this can create discomfort, fear, anger and a deep level of impatience. Let the light do its job. Let it show you where you need to be a witness to your own divine wounds. Hold them in love. Hold them in neutrality. Allow their voice and they will INTEGRATE into your wholeness. This is a great time to gather with others or create sacred ceremony or space for yourself. This hones your energy, intention and focus. And it is all about intention folks!

This energy will grow you spiritually, emotionally, psychically, physically. It affects all of your energy fields, and is designed to expand you in all directions through time and space, to wake you up to the Law Of One. In Lak’ech Ala K’in is the Mayan way of saying, “I am another you.” We are interconnected, yet uniquely separated. On this path of ascension you come to understand that all paths are valid. There  is no “wrong way.”  Each person needs to find the answer for themselves. But as we shine our light, others will be able to see and remember. And here’s a reminder–don’t waste your time and energy by focusing on when others “appear” to be off path. All paths are on path. You do you!

Wisdom keepers can shine a light–but only those who are ready for the initiation will be able to cross into the next. This is a divinely timed process for each person, so do not compare or judge. Just keep honing your truth, and boldly living it!