Divine Union

Divine feminine energy was anchored in a deeper way during yesterday’s full moon/Wesak.
This morning, I was woken from sleep by Spirit. I wrote down the message so I would not fall back to sleep and forget. This is a fairly common occurrence for me, and there have been many times in the past that would go back to sleep–sure that I would remember the message—just to awaken later and realize that I’d forgotten! I’m sharing this because I feel this message applies to the collective.
The inner masculine and inner feminine united. Divine Union.
“Hannah, come back into your body. (I travel when I sleep, and they were calling me back into this present moment) You are bringing with you eons of suppressed feminine energy.
This energy has been preyed upon. This energy has been prayed upon. This energy is the awaited Gateway through which the new earth shall be birthed. As always. In love.
Do not fear this energy. Synergy. You are a cocreative vessel of the divine. In this moment you bring the star of light into your 3rd eye chakra and it expands and accelerates wisdom –and it is rooted deeply. (Via the womb, root and earth star chakra) For an even deeper expansion.
The natural masculine counterpart will rise up not only within you, but around you. Hold your holy presence now. The natural masculine counterpart could not exist without the true feminine presence here and now.”
There is a merge taking place. The time of duality has ended–as many of us have known, written about and felt. We have long been in the energy of returning to our wholeness. This is a merge –in unity—with All-That-Is. It occurs when you EMBODY your truth and essence in the present moment.
Everything is coming into harmony—which means that everything that is not in alignment with that harmony/unity is being transmuted. It is being driven to the surface. Honor it as it arrives in your life. These contrasting events and emotions are THE KEY TO OUR UNITY.

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