Your Heart Is The Universe’s Drum  

From Spirit 1-11-16.

Here in this moment, is the eternal breath and heartbeat.

This is the sound that

is light

and the light

that is sound.


In this pulse beat that is the ALL

is YOU.

I invite you to dance in this now moment. I invite you to listen. 

Can you hear it…the eternal rhythm?

It is here to remind you that your heart has been God’s drum since you were five weeks within your mother’s womb.

It is not possible to be out of sync–

You beat the rhythm in your very heart at ALL times.

You ARE the rhythm. You are the SOUND OF SOURCE.

So silence!


Let the beating of your heart lead you home.

I want to note that in the angelic realms sound and light are a united frequency, it is only in our earthly frequency that they’re separate.

This message was received with gratitude. It opened my heart with the knowing that the great mystery that is Source is the divine plan. And everything is on schedule.
May you connect with your heart now and feel the divine drum and the mighty drummer.

Integrating Waves of Light

July marks the closing of the planetary year. It is a time where there is great potential for personal and planetary shifts. On a practical level–this is a time when shit gets real.

July 25th–the day out of time:

“The day out of time is the culmination of the 13 moon calendar year originated from the Myan science of time. On July 25th, Sirius (the Dog Star) rises with the sun. This day is observed as a day free of time in the 13 moon calendar. It is a day of reverence and cultural appreciation for the concept of ‘time is art.'”

(the above was from from crystalinks–read more here )

The link below is from 2015, so the moon energy I speak of does not apply. OUR next NEW moon will be July 4th! This feels very potent as we embrace our inner freedom. The FULL moon will be on July 19th.
This is my short post on the day out of time

As I note in the video below, the entire month of July feels like a massive opportunity to shift. Rather than a day out of time, it feels like a month out of time. Spirit is saying that if you stay grounded, this month will pass with greater joy and expansion. There’s also a message around not repressing old wounds and triggers that come up. I feel this is why self-care is the loudest message they are offering right now, as it gives us a greater sense of clarity.

Make note of what your soul and body are asking you to be rid of. Also, listen keenly to what your body and soul are wanting more of. These are Key pieces of insight that will help you unfold and flow with the continuous stream of energy we will be experiencing. Try not to push anything away, rather view it with love and compassion. Your high heart chakra and zeal point chakras are always guiding you towards true authenticity.


Those of you who are familiar with the Mayan calendar, and July’s energetic signature, know that come August, we will have many initiations. This has been called The Lion’s Gate–and is when the star Sirius will be viewable once more, bringing with it downloads of cell-shifting, DNA expanding light codes.

What this breaks down to, in a practical sense, are opportunities and choices. We are always given many opportunities to expand, but several times a year we are offered heightened moments of increased energy so we can step into the slip stream of Unity Consciousness–unification through release, surrender, and integration. When we embody this energy, we become the living avatars of our own soul essence.

There are so many layers and levels to this energy. Connecting with your own inner guidance will provide the truth you need in each present moment. As you transmute old wounds and release toxic patterns you “lighten up,” and can be a clear vessel. Enlightenment is a process of releasing all that is not your truth, in this way, the ultimate truth may emerge FROM WITHIN YOU. 

That said, I am happy to answer questions, or offer direction, feel free to send me a PM via Present Moment Expansion

It is also my joy to offer private sessions where we can go deeper with the current energy and what wants to unfold for you now. BOOK HERE it’s easy and fun!🦄


Diamond Light Frequency

My introduction into the diamond frequency was completely organic. In 2011, I was laying in meditation. I was open and peaceful. Suddenly, I felt myself surrounded in Source presence, what many call God. I heard a voice rise up from within my heart and all around me asking me if I would be God’s diamond. Ever discerning, I felt into this request, and felt a ‘yes’ rise up from every cell of my being. I was downloaded with codes of light, receiving information and energy that is still unfolding within me today.

Spirit speaks to us telepathically and instantaneously. Words are for our benefit and often we receive complete packages and downloads of information all at once that are  filled with symbols and signs that have meaning for us individually. Of the many sacred symbols and messages I received that day the ones that stood out the most were the diamond rose I recieved within my left hand, with a ring on each of my fingers, each holding a different energetic meaning.  On my right hand was a gauntlet and a trident.

In 2011 I had no idea what this meant. As usually happens, the story and energy revealed itself to me over course of the following years. Perhaps not coincidentally, 2011 was also the year I started seeing and working with dragons and unicorns. It would be another three or four years before I found anyone else who was speaking about this energy (Diamond codes, unicorns, dragons, the Law-of-One, etc.) and working with it.

I firmly believe that most of what we do as light workers, light warriors and multi dimensional beings happens quietly and behind-the-scenes. The time has come for many of us to rise up and start speaking about our experiences and our work. In this way we shine brightly and help to ignite the divine spark within others. When you shine, you help other people remember who they are. You must only open your heart to what is already within you and you will receive. This is not to say the path will always be smooth and flowing, but when you are firmly rooted in the knowing of your own being, connected Earthstar to Soulstar anchored in your heart, you can expand authentically.

Under the light the full solstice moon I saw a shift in the way I, and others, hold and emit this diamond frequency. A few years ago Spirit referred to me as a transceiver. I had a general understanding of what that word meant, but I still had to Google the word transceiver:

“a device that can both transmit and receive communications”

I was shown an image of me standing on the peak of the mountain–energy and information coming into my crown and then radiating out through my feet into the mountain and into Gaia.

What I was shown yesterday was a raising of the diamond frequency. Rather than standing on the mountaintop and emitting a frequency, many of us are going to be working like satellites (energetically speaking). I was shown an image of many, many, many bright diamond satellites around Gaia. Each satellite was receiving Source codes of light. The satellites could communicate and triangulate with each other and send massive waves of light and information down to the planet. There was a feeling of greater ease and effortlessness. Each time the planet is infused with light and each time we shift and release more of the old energy, we can receive expansive light. This will either sound bizarre, or make sense. 😉

You do not have to force this energy. It is the natural result and culmination of healing and integrating your own energy. When you release and let go of the old, the new will fill you. In perfect timing and in alignment with your highest and greatest good.

We reflect the path of unity by holding the presence of unity. The path is beautifully different and unique for each of us.

In the short video below I speak about the current energy of this full moon solstice (June 20, 2016) and I touch briefly on the diamond light frequency.

ps–so interesting that my hair looks pink in the last half of the video–Rose Ray energy!

Here is one of the many butterflies from that day!
Butterfly slomo video for your viewing pleasure!

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Saturn-Neptune Square

Spirit has been highlighting the upcoming squares between Saturn and Neptune. Squares get a bad rap because they highlight unresolved issues, which can be uncomfortable. Kind of like throwing salt in an open wound. The good news is that salt purifies! And with your cooperation so can astrological squares!
Saturn asks that you have a plan, do the work, create that foundation and show up! Neptune holds the frequency of Oneness, compassion, illusion, dreaming and expanded awareness.
This intangible energy creates a keen need for DISCERNMENT.
I have been shown that these two seemingly opposite energies will be creating the space for you to anchor your divine essence (Neptune) and make it manifest (Saturn).
You may feel pushed outside of your comfort zone. In fact, if you are in resistance to your inner guidance and soul prompts, you may be forced out of your comfort zone. Remember, what seems like a disappointment is a blessing in disguise.
All answers are within you. Not hearing or feeling guidance? That’s a huge message to SLOW DOWN.
Boundaries and self-care are key.🦄✨

BOTH SATURN AND NEPTUNE ARE RETROGRADE RIGHT NOW! This is a time for extreme self care—and for each of us to send loving thoughts towards the planet.

The body tends to be more susceptible than usual to illness when Neptune is retrograde. I feel this is because our body is our best Oracle. And it will always show us the Truth. Sometimes illness is literally the old energy leaving our body. And sometimes it is our body saying NO MORE.

Book a personal session with me to explore how this energy is unfolding for you!

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Raw Authenticity 


I wrote and posted this to my Facebook page May 30th, 2016. I wanted to post it here because the energy around integrating our raw truth and authenticity is so vital.

I had a dream journey last night that showed from soul perspective the way we energetically create situations in our lives that assist us in facing our fears/desires and our shadows so that they can come into full view, therefore they can be integrated. As a healer, this is not a new concept. I know that this is something we do over and over again (with Spirit) so that we can heal and step into our wholeness. 

In the dream I was with Danielle LaPorte and Oprah Winfrey. We were outside of huge run-down mansion. Each room in the mansion was perfectly designed to show us our fears. We stood there discussing the journey ahead. It felt like we had been there before and we were talking about past journeys. In that bizarre yet normal way of dreamscapes, there was a huge shoe rack next to us and we were trying on shoes. We needed the best footwear for the journey ahead. There was one style of shoes that fit us all comfortably and we chose them. The dream came to a close as we set forth. We gave each other one last look of solidarity and entered through different doorways. 
Energy cycles occur, and if we can be present– we can fully take advantage of the gifts they offer. Spirit will speak to me about these cycles, and this one is offering us our raw authenticity. 
For the last week or so I have felt an energy around radical authenticity. Parts of us are emerging that usually live submerged in the deep—sequestered because they don’t seem fit for polite society. Fuck polite. Be REAL. As you get used to allowing this energy to express through you, your pendulum may swing wildly for a bit, but you will eventually come back to your center. Real and whole and less shakable. To be clear– this is not giving your shadow carte blanche to say and express however it wants. This is allowing it to have its voice within you and then you expressing it in the highest way. This is your fears AND your desires being witnessed BY YOU–not projected onto others. This is integration. 
There is a genuineness in people that arises from surviving the flames of their own furnace. This is different from overcoming what happens to you out in the world. This is loving and integrating what happens WITHIN YOU. 
Do not be afraid of your depth. Do not be afraid of your darkness. Do not be afraid of your desires. 
Become the light in your shadows and you will never fear the dark.

What is emerging for you?
Feel free to share