Raw Authenticity 


I wrote and posted this to my Facebook page May 30th, 2016. I wanted to post it here because the energy around integrating our raw truth and authenticity is so vital.

I had a dream journey last night that showed from soul perspective the way we energetically create situations in our lives that assist us in facing our fears/desires and our shadows so that they can come into full view, therefore they can be integrated. As a healer, this is not a new concept. I know that this is something we do over and over again (with Spirit) so that we can heal and step into our wholeness. 

In the dream I was with Danielle LaPorte and Oprah Winfrey. We were outside of huge run-down mansion. Each room in the mansion was perfectly designed to show us our fears. We stood there discussing the journey ahead. It felt like we had been there before and we were talking about past journeys. In that bizarre yet normal way of dreamscapes, there was a huge shoe rack next to us and we were trying on shoes. We needed the best footwear for the journey ahead. There was one style of shoes that fit us all comfortably and we chose them. The dream came to a close as we set forth. We gave each other one last look of solidarity and entered through different doorways. 
Energy cycles occur, and if we can be present– we can fully take advantage of the gifts they offer. Spirit will speak to me about these cycles, and this one is offering us our raw authenticity. 
For the last week or so I have felt an energy around radical authenticity. Parts of us are emerging that usually live submerged in the deep—sequestered because they don’t seem fit for polite society. Fuck polite. Be REAL. As you get used to allowing this energy to express through you, your pendulum may swing wildly for a bit, but you will eventually come back to your center. Real and whole and less shakable. To be clear– this is not giving your shadow carte blanche to say and express however it wants. This is allowing it to have its voice within you and then you expressing it in the highest way. This is your fears AND your desires being witnessed BY YOU–not projected onto others. This is integration. 
There is a genuineness in people that arises from surviving the flames of their own furnace. This is different from overcoming what happens to you out in the world. This is loving and integrating what happens WITHIN YOU. 
Do not be afraid of your depth. Do not be afraid of your darkness. Do not be afraid of your desires. 
Become the light in your shadows and you will never fear the dark.

What is emerging for you?
Feel free to share 

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