Saturn-Neptune Square

Spirit has been highlighting the upcoming squares between Saturn and Neptune. Squares get a bad rap because they highlight unresolved issues, which can be uncomfortable. Kind of like throwing salt in an open wound. The good news is that salt purifies! And with your cooperation so can astrological squares!
Saturn asks that you have a plan, do the work, create that foundation and show up! Neptune holds the frequency of Oneness, compassion, illusion, dreaming and expanded awareness.
This intangible energy creates a keen need for DISCERNMENT.
I have been shown that these two seemingly opposite energies will be creating the space for you to anchor your divine essence (Neptune) and make it manifest (Saturn).
You may feel pushed outside of your comfort zone. In fact, if you are in resistance to your inner guidance and soul prompts, you may be forced out of your comfort zone. Remember, what seems like a disappointment is a blessing in disguise.
All answers are within you. Not hearing or feeling guidance? That’s a huge message to SLOW DOWN.
Boundaries and self-care are key.🦄✨

BOTH SATURN AND NEPTUNE ARE RETROGRADE RIGHT NOW! This is a time for extreme self care—and for each of us to send loving thoughts towards the planet.

The body tends to be more susceptible than usual to illness when Neptune is retrograde. I feel this is because our body is our best Oracle. And it will always show us the Truth. Sometimes illness is literally the old energy leaving our body. And sometimes it is our body saying NO MORE.

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