Diamond Light Frequency

My introduction into the diamond frequency was completely organic. In 2011, I was laying in meditation. I was open and peaceful. Suddenly, I felt myself surrounded in Source presence, what many call God. I heard a voice rise up from within my heart and all around me asking me if I would be God’s diamond. Ever discerning, I felt into this request, and felt a ‘yes’ rise up from every cell of my being. I was downloaded with codes of light, receiving information and energy that is still unfolding within me today.

Spirit speaks to us telepathically and instantaneously. Words are for our benefit and often we receive complete packages and downloads of information all at once that are  filled with symbols and signs that have meaning for us individually. Of the many sacred symbols and messages I received that day the ones that stood out the most were the diamond rose I recieved within my left hand, with a ring on each of my fingers, each holding a different energetic meaning.  On my right hand was a gauntlet and a trident.

In 2011 I had no idea what this meant. As usually happens, the story and energy revealed itself to me over course of the following years. Perhaps not coincidentally, 2011 was also the year I started seeing and working with dragons and unicorns. It would be another three or four years before I found anyone else who was speaking about this energy (Diamond codes, unicorns, dragons, the Law-of-One, etc.) and working with it.

I firmly believe that most of what we do as light workers, light warriors and multi dimensional beings happens quietly and behind-the-scenes. The time has come for many of us to rise up and start speaking about our experiences and our work. In this way we shine brightly and help to ignite the divine spark within others. When you shine, you help other people remember who they are. You must only open your heart to what is already within you and you will receive. This is not to say the path will always be smooth and flowing, but when you are firmly rooted in the knowing of your own being, connected Earthstar to Soulstar anchored in your heart, you can expand authentically.

Under the light the full solstice moon I saw a shift in the way I, and others, hold and emit this diamond frequency. A few years ago Spirit referred to me as a transceiver. I had a general understanding of what that word meant, but I still had to Google the word transceiver:

“a device that can both transmit and receive communications”

I was shown an image of me standing on the peak of the mountain–energy and information coming into my crown and then radiating out through my feet into the mountain and into Gaia.

What I was shown yesterday was a raising of the diamond frequency. Rather than standing on the mountaintop and emitting a frequency, many of us are going to be working like satellites (energetically speaking). I was shown an image of many, many, many bright diamond satellites around Gaia. Each satellite was receiving Source codes of light. The satellites could communicate and triangulate with each other and send massive waves of light and information down to the planet. There was a feeling of greater ease and effortlessness. Each time the planet is infused with light and each time we shift and release more of the old energy, we can receive expansive light. This will either sound bizarre, or make sense. 😉

You do not have to force this energy. It is the natural result and culmination of healing and integrating your own energy. When you release and let go of the old, the new will fill you. In perfect timing and in alignment with your highest and greatest good.

We reflect the path of unity by holding the presence of unity. The path is beautifully different and unique for each of us.

In the short video below I speak about the current energy of this full moon solstice (June 20, 2016) and I touch briefly on the diamond light frequency.

ps–so interesting that my hair looks pink in the last half of the video–Rose Ray energy!

Here is one of the many butterflies from that day!
Butterfly slomo video for your viewing pleasure!

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