Your Heart Is The Universe’s Drum  

From Spirit 1-11-16.

Here in this moment, is the eternal breath and heartbeat.

This is the sound that

is light

and the light

that is sound.


In this pulse beat that is the ALL

is YOU.

I invite you to dance in this now moment. I invite you to listen. 

Can you hear it…the eternal rhythm?

It is here to remind you that your heart has been God’s drum since you were five weeks within your mother’s womb.

It is not possible to be out of sync–

You beat the rhythm in your very heart at ALL times.

You ARE the rhythm. You are the SOUND OF SOURCE.

So silence!


Let the beating of your heart lead you home.

I want to note that in the angelic realms sound and light are a united frequency, it is only in our earthly frequency that they’re separate.

This message was received with gratitude. It opened my heart with the knowing that the great mystery that is Source is the divine plan. And everything is on schedule.
May you connect with your heart now and feel the divine drum and the mighty drummer.

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