Becoming The Stabilizing Force

The loudest message from Spirit over the last two weeks has been around self-care. And no wonder! We have been rocked with a wave of energy that has shaken the collective root chakra—this is good–as it can shake people awake. But it can also create a sense of danger. Current global events reflect this and many are feeling fearful, defensive and aggressive.

When our root chakras are clear and open, we feel grounded, safe, secure and able. When our root chakras are clouded and closed we are prone to feeling unmotivated, unsafe, unsure and this can lead to a sense of needing to defend or protect oneself. But it also forces you get clear on what you need and want in your life, that is, if you’re willing to be honest and not deflect your anger and fear onto others. Even the grosser patterns humans play out can be a gift, as it is the unconscious and collective subconscious being pushed up to the surface. These are the “ugly parts” that people don’t wish to see–and wish they did not have. Unless this is addressed within, it will remain part of the collective pattern. So again, self-care. Self-love.

The good news is that YOU can do much simply by acknowledging, clarifying and transmuting your own feelings. When you do this you become a stabilizing force on this planet. The impact of this is huge!

But first you need to clear collective debris so you can feel your OWN energy. Clarity is key.

Good questions to ask right now;

  • When is the last time I journaled?

  • When is the last time I took a bath?

  • When is the last time I moved enough to raise my heartbeat and break a sweat?

  • When is the last time I did something out of sheer joy?

These questions may seem frivolous, but these activities serve to bring you back into your center, clear away toxic/sludgy energy and hones your truth.

I find clarity and peace by being out in nature. I made this short video and guided meditation/activation in response to the intense energy I was feeling. Let me know if it helps!

And here is a link to just the meditation/activation 🙂

We are all in this together. Keep shining your light! Many, many blessings on your day!

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