Sacral Chakra Rising

While in meditation today, I was seeking clarity about this most recent surge of violence. What I saw and was shown was the earth pulsing in red–the root chakra– and then was told that we were now going to be pulsing in orange–The sacral chakra. New creation, desires, feeling deeply.

To say that the past few weeks have been intense would be quite the understatement. When intuitives and empaths talk about intense energy, they are usually speaking of the unseen and intangible. And it was unseen and intangible. At first I felt it like tremors quaking up from the core of the planet through the root chakra, making each person feel uncertain, raw and edgy. And then the energy became loud and quite tangible–with violence across the globe–and it has served to wakeup and shake up the collective, and hopefully get people feeling in a genuine way. Heart open. This is raw and this is messy, but hopefully (if you are willing to take down your inner barriers) it is real. If people have the courage to go deeper than their own pain and anger, miracles can occur.

I sought refuge in art. Dripping red paint on a black canvas. The womb calling to be seen and heard and felt. A golden opening, the beauty that is the divine feminine. Sacral chakra. A pulse. A rhythm. FEEL. CREATE. BE PASSIONATE. Be love. 

This was my soul’s answer and response to the anguish I was seeing and feeling. I felt the call to go deeply into the body. Deeply into presence. 

I pray in art.

EVERYTHING is birthed through the feminine essence and body. The richness of sacred and holy blood is often shunned while everyone wants the flower. The womb and yoni are fully one — and to try to have one and not the other creates dissociation and denial of the highest order.
Unify this rawness with authenticity, your passion and desires. Go deeply within your own truths, energy, body. Seek out the dusty and dark corners within–because I promise you, cosmic/collective energy is working beautifully to push the dark subconscious/unconscious shadowy and cobwebby energy up into your consciousness. Does this feel good? Not usually. But it is assisting you to come into alignment. Whether you are a man or a woman you can work with sacral chakra energy.

Be unity by unifying yourself. Do not fear your authentic creativity when we are collectively grieving. This is not about dissociating through distraction, it’s about being lit up with righteous inspiration. Being lit up….being light. 

Heed the call of your own sacral chakra, womb, hara.

If this post has resonated with you or helped you, please feel free to share or comment. We are a community, and when we co-create and support each other we spread the love and the light.✨

May you be the light, strength and peace you seek in this world.

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