Day Out Of Time and Lions Gate

Hello sensitive souls!

If you are feeling intense energy, there is a reason! We are in an energy vortex known as the day out of time. This is based on the 13 month lunar calendar/Mayan calender. It is a planetary cycle and July 25th marks the day before the start of the new year. This also brings together masculine and feminine energies, the lunar calendar being the feminine–aligning with the solar calendar, the masculine. According to the Mayan Calendar, this will be a Blue Spectral Storm Year,

“I Dissolve in order to Catalyze

Releasing Energy

I Seal the Matrix of Self-Generation

With the Spectral Tone of Liberation

I am Guided by My Own Power Doubled.”
If you’re not familiar with the Mayan calendar, or your Mayan calendar sign, I highly recommend looking into it and/or buying one.

Phew! So here we are. In that space between what was and what will be. If you’re sensitive you are likely feeling intensity. An energy booming within you like thunder, insisting that you own it, listen to it and honor it. “It” will not be denied because this energy is YOU. Your soul is very awake right now it is kindly pointing out everything that is not up to par, is dishonoring you or is falling short of your full and complete authenticity. I keep having the feeling of thunder rattling our inner walls, shaking away everything that is false. I find it very interesting that this is a spectral storm year, according to the Mayan calendar. Let those winds of change blow within you! Remember that lightning and thunder is about paradigm shift.

Here’s some practical steps to take today, and over the coming weeks:

  • Make your voice heard. This can be done privately, written down or said to anyone trying to trespass against your boundaries–DO NOT keep your preferences and truths silent.
  • Go out of your way to offer yourself extreme and radical self love.
  • Move your body in a GROUNDING way. This is vital right now!
  • Allow yourself to feel. Anything you have been denying will start banging against you—you can either allow it move through you with grace or move through you like thunder. But move it will. So acknowledge your feelings! They will not tolerate suppression during the Lions gate.

The old is dying away, my friends. Let it go. Release. Surrender. Do not fear the greatness within you.
We are entering the Lion’s Gate portal. Be prepared for soul and cellular galactivation! Everything is aligned for you to receive high frequency energy into your Lightbody, and it comes to a head on August 8th. We will continue to feel the energy afterwards, as it integrates. This is leading us up into our next eclipse season. I want to touch on something I said in my last video and post, gone are the days where we are downloaded with energy and we have long pauses with which to integrate this new and expanded frequency. We are now having to really step up and own who we are, because the energy is pulsing in a steady rhythm. This frequency is cosmic, galactic, crystalline, and diamond light encoded.

As you feel so guided, create time to be in Sacred Space. Open up a channel between you and your High Self, state that you are willing to receive your highest and greatest good now. I am a divine activator. This means that I transmit codes of light to people and to Gaia and throughout the cosmos in order to expand us in grace. This is part of my soul purpose and I do this with reverence and love. Click here to book a personal session!

May this current expansion bring you many blessings and abundant self-awareness!💎

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