September Eclipse Tunnel

I actually like Mercury retrograde. I am a sensitive introvert, and Merc retro tends to pull us inward. It asks us to finish our projects and tidy up our inward and outward spaces. That said—I have been having all sorts of tech snags! This is just the flow….breathe and allow, right? 🙃

Eclipses also ask that we sit (because you will not have a choice—no matter where you run, there YOU are) and do the work. What work?  Soul work, human work, planetary work—-all of the things you have known need attention and have been feeling called to address, but you have not been able (or willing) to take care of. Eclipses bring up our shadows for healing, clearing, transmuting and forgiveness. This is a gift and opportunity to release the old so you may step into the new.  Even though this can feel intense it is such an amazing opportunity after the intensity of the last three months!

The energy I am feeling with this particular September eclipse cycle is stepping into the unknown. How can you step into the unknown if you are carrying the burdens of the past around with you?

Painful memories resurfacing? Feeling stuck?Experiencing intense or frightening dreams? Journaling it out and feeling into why your soul and Spirit is offering this to you now will not only offer you clarity, but is likely the action step needed to release the old energy. Taking action in our human form creates lasting change in the physical reality. That is why ceremony can be so important. The act of creating sacred space generates the energy and container for transmutation and healing.

A few things to keep in mind while you journey through the eclipse tunnel:

  • Everything is happening to assist you. What action(s) will bring you closer to how you want to feel?
  • Light candles, drum, dance, pray, meditate–BE in all the ways that allow you to slow down and feel.
  • Choose your companions wisely! I cannot stress this enough. Do not spend time with those who diminish your energy or dreams. Cut ties or create iron boundaries with people (friends or family) who want you to be there for them but are not returning the favor and/or leave you exhausted.
  • Tap into your desires AND to the low vibration and frequency emotions/energy you may be feeling–such as sadness, shame, guilt and anger.  Those emotions and energies are literally vibrating at a lower level. I do not to say “low level” as a form of judgment. There is a connection between our low vibe emotions and where we are denying our own desires. As you release, you make room for desire to BLOOM. 
  • Do not force anything right now. Effort and personal drive is different than force. Today, I made and effort to fold all the laundry and put it away. I had to push myself a bit. But I did not force it. Each time I thought about stopping halfway through, I felt an internal prompt to continue. So while it was not my favorite activity, I was following my internal guidance to take the action steps to remove a block that was in my energy field.
  • Notice what you are resisting! Just observe it—do not judge.
  • Lastly—self-love, self-love, self-love. The next few weeks will be a fabulous time to practice extreme self-care.

Dearest soul tribe, we will make it through this rabbit hole. 🦄 Keep one hand on your heart and your eyes in the direction of your true desires. Focus!

As always, I welcome comments or questions. I also enjoy hearing how the eclipse and merc retro is affecting your life. 💖 For daily energy updates, as well as event listings, follow me on Facebook.  Book a personal session here!

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