Dragon Energy & DNA Activations 

Sun Rise

At last we are through the tunnel and on the other side of our most recent cycle of eclipses. I woke this morning from a dream about freeing dragons, and tried to go back to sleep. The sun had other plans. It was shining into my room and reflecting off of the mirror–dazzling one of my favorite crystals. I could feel it calling to me with its pure golden rays, “get up Hannah!” Sleeping in would have been nice-but who doesn’t love a beautiful sunrise? (I did not add a filter to the picture above, it was simply that beautifully gold! )

I felt a wave of energy move through me and received insight on what was shiftng within the collective. Internally, I was guided to go in nature. There are a thousand big and small ways we assist in the collective expansion, today my job was to work with the energy I was feeing coursing through me–and moving through the collective grid. I walked up one of my favorite small mountains, breathing in the sun’s light, consciously moving it through my energy centers and then down into the earth, then back up in a circular pattern. (This happens to be a wonderful walking meditation btw)

I to love dragon energy, and that is what I was feeling. Purifying. Awakening. Paradigm shattering. Spirit calls them the bones of the earth, and indeed, they are Keepers of Ancient Knowledge. Years ago I was told I would be a “walking bibliotheque.” At the time, I had very little understanding of what that meant, but today I know that it means to EMBODY the innate wisdom of my soul and to integrate it. Today, the dragons brought through the specific phrase, “synthesis of Self.” This means to integrate who and what you are and embody it.

I do not often talk about my private work with Spirit, but it feels important to share the story. It is through stories that we learn and reflect on who we are and what feels right for us.

May this day bring you many blessings and may your journey be ever graceful–and in joy.

I filmed the video below while out walking today. The part where I talk about pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone feels like a key piece of wisdom.

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