Sacred Authentic Self

Can you share your sacred, authentic Self? 

I know you have been wounded.

The world did not see or appreciate your gifts.

Please, rise up anyway.

We need your light.

Will you dare to open your heart?

I know you have been betrayed. 

And you have spent years healing. 

Please, let your heart free. 

We need your love. 

The good news is that now you have boundaries. You know what to do when you see and feel red flags. You know how to stand strong. And if you are shaky, that’s okay. We applaud your courage. 

Self-Care and Authenticity

When is the last time you felt so real and raw that your own essence made your skin hum and your soul vibrate?

Can you remember how you felt when you spoke your truth and it rang in your ears, echoed in your gut–a wave of feeling within you “This. Yes.” At those times, your truth exists within you in such a way that you know you cannot falter, you cannot fall down and you cannot be hurt. When truth is your shield and you stand naked and vulnerable, it is the only protection you need. So why do we fear it?

What does righteous truth and authenticity have to do with self-care you may be asking? Well, quite simply, without self-care and extreme self-love, we get so far from our TRUTH that we cannot stand firmly in it. We become pleasers. Doers. We keep out mouths shut and we do not rock the boat because it HURTS and is UNCOMFORTABLE when others are displeased with us.

Side note*
Some people come in with skin like steel and other people’s energy, words and emotions run off of them like water off a duck’s back. Sensitive souls, however, have to learn how to speak up through many experiences of self-betrayal (pleasing others/staying safe/staying small). Learning how to stand your ground and figuring out which battles need to be fought, and which you need to just walk (the fuck) away from is part of life’s lessons. Energy vampires are always up for another round of eating your energy while you attempt to defend your feelings/thoughts/etc. Seriously, anyone who tries to make you defend your feelings, beliefs etc, to the point of your exhaustion is no friend to you.

I know you may have been burned by experiences where you shared your soul truth and it was not received. Resist the urge to hold back. Not everyone is going to vibe with you.  People understanding your truth is NOT the point of speaking your truth. Freeing your soul is the reason you stand in, live, breathe and emit your truth. You came here to be YOU. Not some dimmed down safer version of you.

The best way I know to hone in on authenticity is through self-care.

Until next time, I send out many, many blessings to you.