Self-Care and Authenticity


What does righteous truth and authenticity have to do with self-care?

Quite simply, without self-care and extreme self-love, we get so far from our


that we cannot stand firmly in it.

We become pleasers.

Empaths learn at a young age to keep their mouths shut, not rock the boat, because it HURTS and is UNCOMFORTABLE when others are displeased.

In order to dive into why radical honesty is so radical, let’s explore self-care and self-betrayal……

Some people naturally have skin like steel——other people’s energy, words and emotions run off of them like water off a duck’s back.

Sensitive souls, empaths, have to learn how to navigate the world while feeling other people’s energy and emotions as their own, and the confusion from this often leads to many experiences of painful self-betrayal; pleasing others, staying safe and staying small.

Learning how to stand your ground and figure out which battles need to be fought, and which you need to walk (the fuck) away from is part of life’s lessons. This task is made all the harder when your senses are expansive. Not to mention the empath/narcissist dynamic. Narcissists LOVE empaths because empaths want to support others and narcissists are bottomless pits of self serving need. They also manipulate and gaslight the hell out of everyone around them, and the tender empath often wonders what they have done wrong instead of seeing the truth, the narcissist in their life is doing their best to control them. Learning to detect narcissistic energy vampires is key. Trust your gut folks! If someone makes you feel exhausted, there is a reason. No need to understand it, just walk away. 

If you have self-betrayed or been hurt by others it can make you want to stay small. (safe)

Resist the urge to hold back. Not everyone is going to vibe with you.

People understanding your truth is NOT the point of speaking your truth.

Freeing and embodying your soul is the reason you stand in, live and breathe your truth.

You came here to be YOU.

Not some dimmed down safer version of you.

In the meantime, keeping honing your gifts, learning and discovering new ways to express.

Align, then take action.

You’ve got this.

Until next time, I send out many, many blessings to you.



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