What Will You Choose? 

I always enjoy it when Spirit talks to me about subjects I’m not that knowledgeable on. In part, because I enjoy learning, but also because I find the adventure of figuring it all out fun. The most recent theme has been around the story and energy of Star Wars. I’ve always been more of a Star Trek girl. The story in Star Wars of good versus evil felt old energy to me. Sort of boring. Been there. Done that. 

Whereas in Star Trek they have, for the most part, surmounted their need to learn lessons around  war and violence and greed (on earth anyway…..). What really gets my imagination going is the energy of benevolent explorers following important mandates to not interfere with other cultures—but to exchange with them, learn from them and grow….but I digress…

I feel like I should back up about two weeks or more. It goes without saying that the 2016 presidential elections created waves. In the week leading up to November 8, Spirit was showing me what the outcome would be. My ego was less than thrilled. My heart hurt. I could feel people’s pain. I could feel my own. I could also feel the need for drastic change, but in my heart I kept crying out —

So here we are—on the other side of this shift. 

I know who I am in the fullest essence of my being, and I also have the human experience. I FEEL. Our feelings are wonderful indicators of the work we need to do, what needs to shift and how things are generally going in our lives. Sometimes the going gets rough. 

When the going gets rough—-the deeper I go. Into my heart, into my connection with Source—so that I may see a much broader expansive view of what is occurring. 

I have learned through sloppy and messy fumblings and bumblings with everyone else’s pain-body that mixing  in my own pain body creates nothing but more chaos….

So what is a sensitive, empathic, light worker/light warrior collective grid matrix anchor to do? Expand and go deeper.  

First I had to go into my own pain. My pain was around how many people I felt desiring the suffering of others. For weeks, I could feel people jumping up and down for “their side” to win. Usually I can remain anchored in the calm expanse of my heart –the divine neutral—that is always connected to GodSource and Spirit, but when a massive wave hits the collective you have to roll with it. 

During this week I rolled through the deep abyss that is the collective’s subconscious and unconscious pain-body. I was shown that the (collective’s) angry inner child needed to scream—and was basically throwing a temper tantrum. Wanted to scream. Wanted to throw a temper tantrum. This desire for destruction without caring how it effects others is also the trademark of the angry inner child. Imagine a child in a rage picking something up and breaking it. In the moment that is the only thing that matters to the child. It is only later that they will feel remorse for their actions. So this collective energy of repressed rage was sweeping through the grid.

Here’s the thing about energy, if you let it flow through you nothing gets stuck. In fact, old debris will get washed away. Yes it might burn–it might sting– but if you can resist the temptation to fight against it you will rise like a goddamn Phoenix.

So here we are post election, I’m exhausted and I can see where we are at collectively. I honestly believe that many many good things will come through this. But first we have to be in it. 

It just so happened, post election, that I was spending time at the beach–which is one of the best places to allow expansion, cleansing and clearing. I spent time being very present with my own feelings of resistance, and all the while Spirit was talking nonstop about Star Wars. Again, I don’t even know that much about it. I liked the Ewoks I thought Chewbacca was really cool and Han Solo was a stud–but also kind of a jerk. When spirit offers me insight and information I’ve learned to listen keenly. For days they talked about people struggling to against their own ego—the desire to be “right,” the sense of choosing a “side.” The desire for others to be in pain, to lose, to suffer. That last part is what hurt me the most. And the fact that some don’t want unity—which, yes, logically makes complete sense because many have yet to heal separation consciousness within themselves, but what we know logically does not always relate to what we feel emotionally. The emotional body is a highly attuned psychic receptive tool that, when allowed it’s full feeling senses, can lead you quite clearly around obstacles in life. When it is patronized, suppressed, repressed it takes on a life of its own as the pain-body. 

The Law Of One is the only thing that actually exists—-meaning there is no other, when you wish pain on another you’re wishing it upon yourself. 

In Lak’ech Ala K’in = I am another you.

The good news is that many are being awakened right now. This tidal wave has been their soul’s alarm clock bringing them out of their sleepy slumber that has let them stew in the status quo. Many are feeling the need to unite with others, saying “I see you! I will not turn away from your need! I will reach my hand out to you!” 

Since January of 2016 massive pulses and waves of light have been infusing earth and everyone on it. I’ve talked about this in several videos. When light comes in it brings up all old unhealed, unresolved murky-lurkey energy to be cleared. Does that sound fun? No. Not everything is meant to be fun. Sometimes we just have to do the work. Actually, I think we always just need to do the work. If you are anchored in your heart you’ll know how and what needs to be done. Trust that!

Spirit’s downloads and information about current energy using Star Wars as an analogy has been pretty much nonstop. As soon as I woke up this morning I was prompted to Google the Darkside of the force. Many of you probably already know this (as Star Wars fans) but in order to tap into the Darkside of the force you have to use anger and hate, you have to actively want others to suffer. 

We just passed through the 11:11 Portal and I made a short video while sitting on the sand with the beautiful ocean at my back. I talk a bit about the transitions we are going through.

I can’t embed the video while posting from my phone, so click this link to view. ✨

And now here we are on the day of the full super moon in Taurus. Taurus is the energy and sign of the Earth (yes–and Venus). It is time to anchor our expanded light here and now! In order to do that you actually have to open up and expand–go further than the turmoil on the earth–connect with Source and bring it all back in.

The biggest question to ask yourself each and every moment—-

Does this lead me closer to my heart, to unity consciousness? Or will this lead me farther away from it?

You can choose—in each moment you can choose again and again! You are not here to be perfect–meaning if you don’t like your choices, you can choose anew! 

You can decide if you will align your actions with ego, the desire to control, anger. Or if you align your actions with unity consciousness, love, and true understanding. 

 The desire to reach out, love and to understand others goes for EVERYONE and not just those who agree with you. Remember that!

Be the change you wish to see in this world.

I am sending you love and blessings. 

We’ve got this.