Messages From AA Michael

🔹For the past week or so energy has been extraordinarily intense. (dreams, intuitive knowing, messages, seeing/hearing Spirit etc. etc.) I have learned over the years that it can feel like this whenever we are collectively shifting, as intense energies stream through the cosmic grid onto the planet and infusing us with new energy, helping us shed the old (among many other things). 
🔹Dreamtime has been full of messages and travel leaving me exhausted yet satisfied. I came here to be of service, note the word WORK in light-worker/shadow-worker. 
🔹Because it has felt SO intense, I was surprised with today’s collective cards/guidance. I connected with Archangel Michael about the current energy and this was the transmission:

“The grand vortex of love has opened and is spilling forth its seed – – planting new life. 

What you feel now is THE QUICKENING.

And what will grow?







And you have the master key. 

We have waited for this predestined moment with much anticipation, for we know that salvation can only come from within (the heart). The quickening was needed for some, and for others it is a restorative tonic. 
As above, so below. As within, so it is without.”
May you offer yourself the rest you need now. May you listen to the voice of truth within you now. And again, GROUND. Be in your body. You are the answer you seek. 
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Rise, Phoenix!

Perhaps you are still shaking off the intensity of the last year, or nine years if you include the fact that we are exiting a nine year cycle and beginning a new one. Even so, there is a freshness to the egregore that feels full of potential. We have been laying the groundwork and we now get to stand on this solid foundation with a heightened level sovereignty and self mastery. After all, you have been through the trials of the heros journey.

What choices were you making nine years ago? That was the beginning of the last nine year cycle. 2007 brought many changes for me. I gave birth. I began seeking a community of like minded people–which I found the following year. My life began to grow in new and exciting ways.

Here we are now—at this new precipice. In this video I speak about the current collective energy and how at the mental level it can feel harsh and heavy. For some, this fresh start feels full of fear and uncertainty. Spirit is asking you to expand, to push yourself past that mental block and connect with your soul. Resist the collective frequency around fear, disconnect from the mass hypnosis. This is a very good time to unplug and purposefully create sacred space and go within.Tune inward. Keeping your eyes and heart open makes it easy to see what needs to be shifted in your life.

Action is the main word Spirit has been highlighting. If there is something troubling you, do not avoid it, do not worry about it. Focus on the solution and then ACT! This is YOUR time to rise. To emerge as the multi-dimensional, sparkly, amazing soul that you know you are!

Wayshowers are on the leading edge, and that means they are different. You cannot herald the new and next if you’re trying to fit in to the old paradigm. Yes this means creating a new path–but do not forget, you were born for this!

If you find yourself feeling heavy and tired, know that you are integrating. If you find yourself frustrated, sad or angry know that you are feeling a collective frequency. Even so, especially so!–ground deeply and rise up. Connect with your high self and with Source. For you are not meant to vibrate at the collective frequency, you’re meant to shine and hold the new light. In this way, others may see.

I would love to assist you on your path, if you feel so called CONNECT WITH ME HERE!