Messages From AA Michael

🔹For the past week or so energy has been extraordinarily intense. (dreams, intuitive knowing, messages, seeing/hearing Spirit etc. etc.) I have learned over the years that it can feel like this whenever we are collectively shifting, as intense energies stream through the cosmic grid onto the planet and infusing us with new energy, helping us shed the old (among many other things). 
🔹Dreamtime has been full of messages and travel leaving me exhausted yet satisfied. I came here to be of service, note the word WORK in light-worker/shadow-worker. 
🔹Because it has felt SO intense, I was surprised with today’s collective cards/guidance. I connected with Archangel Michael about the current energy and this was the transmission:

“The grand vortex of love has opened and is spilling forth its seed – – planting new life. 

What you feel now is THE QUICKENING.

And what will grow?







And you have the master key. 

We have waited for this predestined moment with much anticipation, for we know that salvation can only come from within (the heart). The quickening was needed for some, and for others it is a restorative tonic. 
As above, so below. As within, so it is without.”
May you offer yourself the rest you need now. May you listen to the voice of truth within you now. And again, GROUND. Be in your body. You are the answer you seek. 
#ChakraWisdomOracle #EarthMagicOracle #WisdomOfTheOracle

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