New Moon Eclipse 

February 10th at 2:34 PM West Coast time we will have a penumbral lunar eclipse and full moon. This is a good time to get things done, journal and listen to that voice of wisdom within you.
We will be in an eclipse tunnel until February 26th, at which time we will have a solar eclipse. These periods where we are sandwiched between two eclipses often feel quite intense as they pull us deeper into our truths, creating friction in the areas of our life that need to shift, release, transmute, transcend, etc.
Your heart will not be denied. Your truth will emerge. Best to listen to it with respect and give it space.
Many, many blessings to you!✨✨

🔹I like to take white candles, working with them to cultivate sacred energy and sacred space so that when I burn them the energy is amplified. On this candle I have written the mantra “ong namo guru dev namo”
🔹One translation for this is, “I bow to the subtle divine wisdom, I bow to the divine teacher within.”

Snatam Kaur sings a beautiful song that holds this energy beautifully. I wrote the mantra and lyrics on this pure white candle and lit it while speaking it softly.
This is my full moon eclipse prayer and blessing. May we call connect to the divine teacher within.
“Ong Namo”

by Snatam Kaur
The rain is pouring down

Like all the souls you sent here

Coming to this earth

To find healing
Mother earth takes in the rain

Like your heart takes my voice

Let us free eachother

With our prayers, with our voice
And I’m coming home

And I’m coming
Ong namo guru dev namo

Ong namo guru dev namo
Oh, my beloved

Kindness of the heart

Breath of life

I bow to you
Divine teacher

Beloved friend

I bow to you

Again and again
Lotus sitting on the water

Beyond time and space

This is your way

This is your grace
Ong namo guru dev namo

Ong namo guru dev namo
Ong namo – I bow to the subtle divine wisdom

Guru dev namo – I bow to the divine teacher within

A Light In The Dark

🔹I have been receiving so many messages regarding holding a light in the dark. And I see many people trying so hard to do this.
🔹But here is a point of energetic truth that cannot be dismissed, cajoled or ignored: you MUST feel your own pain before healing. You MUST witness, accept and bring your darkness (fear, anger, pain) into unity before it can be transmuted. “Darkness” does not simply go away! It must be transmuted. This is the essence of spiritual alchemy. And this is what we are meant to do here. Alchemize and transmute old energy. This is how the “new earth” is created.
🔹This is not a mental process. You cannot wish healing to occur, you cannot hope healing will occur. Simply “thinking happy thoughts” will leave you empty, as it pushes away vital truths.
🔹True divine transcendence/transmutation occurs through the unified energy centers–which is anchored in the heart center. This is why it is so important to clear and cleans your energy field and ground in anchor, earth star to soul star.
🔹If you wish to be a force of love, light and healing on this planet and within the multiverse, now is the time to allow your feelings. And SEE what is occurring for those around you. As you witness, will know where to direct the LIGHT. Sometimes that is all that is needed. But first, you must see.
#Light #LightWorker #Transmute #Transcend