A Light In The Dark

🔹I have been receiving so many messages regarding holding a light in the dark. And I see many people trying so hard to do this.
🔹But here is a point of energetic truth that cannot be dismissed, cajoled or ignored: you MUST feel your own pain before healing. You MUST witness, accept and bring your darkness (fear, anger, pain) into unity before it can be transmuted. “Darkness” does not simply go away! It must be transmuted. This is the essence of spiritual alchemy. And this is what we are meant to do here. Alchemize and transmute old energy. This is how the “new earth” is created.
🔹This is not a mental process. You cannot wish healing to occur, you cannot hope healing will occur. Simply “thinking happy thoughts” will leave you empty, as it pushes away vital truths.
🔹True divine transcendence/transmutation occurs through the unified energy centers–which is anchored in the heart center. This is why it is so important to clear and cleans your energy field and ground in anchor, earth star to soul star.
🔹If you wish to be a force of love, light and healing on this planet and within the multiverse, now is the time to allow your feelings. And SEE what is occurring for those around you. As you witness, will know where to direct the LIGHT. Sometimes that is all that is needed. But first, you must see.
#Light #LightWorker #Transmute #Transcend

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