Transmute and Transition

Sparks have been flying and tempers flaring! We are now in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and it is connected with the element of fire. Trust that the current energy, as intense as it may feel, is working FOR you. There are many factors involved in why we experience fluctuations differently, but the need for self care and self awareness is universal and just makes this flow much nicer. Personally, my sleep has been quite interrupted. I have been waking around 4 am, and just laying awake, energy abuzz. My intuition and empathic abilities are on hyper drive, so I have felt a bit over sensitized. I am betting that many are feeling similar. We are each deliciously different–so you will experience these energies, and the astro, in your own unique way. However, I have seen that the collective is feeling reactive. Hold steady!

The lead up to the new moon on MONDAY (not Tuesday as I had thought) at 7:59 pm on the west coast, is deepening the energies at play. New moons are a time of planting the seeds of INTENTION. What is growing for you now, what are your desires?

Spirit has been highlighting the importance of maintaining our boundaries and during meditation this week I received a message from Kali;

“Saying no is not an act of defiance. Others may perceive it that way. When I say no, it is out of need and necessity. The world thought I was resisting, when truly I was putting up a boundary. Boundaries are for your safety and everyone else’s. When we feel safe, we feel generous and strong, we feel humble, joyous and playful. Keep your boundaries in perfect formation. Do not say yes when you mean no. Do not say no because you FEAR to say yes. The humble heart knows that the path is authenticity. And that requires a spine of steel, a resolve of steel and boundaries of steel. Let people make of your “no” what they will. Let that be theres. Be strong in your resolve, take action as needed and you can then devote your time to rest, play, joy and beauty. People do not often see my playful nature. They see one aspect of me, yet there are a thousand others—-but I do not stop my dance because people cannot perceive it. This is not about right or wrong, but authenticity. The humble heart is concerned only with serving the light and truth. Only the humble can do this work—because if you are not humble you will care too much what other people think of you.”

We can only have an open heart if we maintain our boundaries. 

In the video below, I go into more detail about this fiery energy that we have been experiencing. Blessings on your journey!

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