Over the past week I have been thinking about my human nature. I feel that many share common experiences when they first “wake up.” One of those experiences is a detachment from the physical body. Not just a detachment, but a repudiation of physical needs. A resentment of needing to maintain the body, and an anger and sense of betrayal if there is illness. 
When you first become consciously aware of your vast energetic connection you feel a profound shift. There is high found in this newly awakened connection with Spirit, and anything that makes us feel fearful, sad, angry etc. are often denied because it feels so damn good to be in those upper three chakras. And certainly you are doing something wrong if you are not floating above it all and manifesting your dreams! 😉 Ha!
The awakening process is perfectly designed to make us first release all of the dross and shackles we had been living with. We experiemce hieghtened synchronicities, insights and ah-ha moments! Followed by “ascension symptoms” (which is your body releasing and activating on a cellular level). 
First you ascend, yes, but this is followed by the descension process. You expand, connect, bring in new light—-and then you must integrate and embody. Not for the faint of heart! When light comes in we can clearly see what needs healing–and anything that is not of the new higher/expanded frequency needs to be transmuted. We are forced to be in the physical body with presence–one way or another. 
So—long story long—I have been thinking about my physical body. My daily life and activities that keep it running and a roof over my head. I enjoy taking care of this physical vessel. And I have come to realize that being human can be messy–and that’s ok! If we try to sanitize the process we miss the whole ride! Be an awakened BEing that is totally in this human experience. 
I like angels, and The Walking Dead. I like to move and dance and play, and I love to sit in my jammies and read. 
I mess up. And I love myself. 
Spirit often says to me, with a wink, “Enlighten. Lighten up!” 

It also makes me see this quote in a whole new way, “to err is human, to forgive is divine.” Forgiveness is the key in transmuting…let’s be divine. 

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