New Moon Build Up

We are building towards Wesak, an energy convergence that will occur on May 10th, the full moon in Taurus. This is a time where the Buddhist energy of LIGHT and the Christ Consciousness energy of HEART EXPANSION converge and activate the grids on the planet. Light ALWAYS serves to clarify. This is a cellular process and for some, it may feel harsh as any dross that is ready to lift off is shed. 

What can we do? GROUND. CONSCIOUSLY activate your light body on a daily basis. Cleanse and clear your energy field. When you are regularly doing self work, energy shifts that are designed to AMPLIFY light (which means they also show contrast—-i.e. what needs to be released, healed or transmuted) will occur with more grace.

Beloveds, I am holding you and Gaia in love. I am lighting a candle….holding the intention that all may find that point of stillness within that allows for expansion. The last card in today’s daily speaks volumes…….The Impossible Made Possible.

Full Moon and Retrogrades

🔹Today’s daily energy update and cards is a bit longer than usual. We are experiencing an interesting influx of energy since we also have four, soon to be five, planets in retrograde.
🔹Generally speaking, we feel the effects of the fullmoon a few days before and after it’s considered full. The time and day the moon is “exact” depends on where you live. Universal time puts it at 6:09am today. For the Pacific Northwest, it was exact at 11:08 pm last night. At any rate it is always helpful to flow with moon cycles. 🌕
🔹This is a good time to take a bath, charge your crystals, and even place water underneath the beautiful moonlight.
🔹I want to give a heads up to anyone who may be sensitive to energy that comes in with meteor showers–the Lyrid meteor shower begins next week around the 16th.💫
I have to giggle at that freeze frame☺️
Do you want to dive deeper into your personal journey?

​​I was having trouble getting the video to upload directly to the site, so here’s a link 🙂