Full Moon and Retrogrades

🔹Today’s daily energy update and cards is a bit longer than usual. We are experiencing an interesting influx of energy since we also have four, soon to be five, planets in retrograde.
🔹Generally speaking, we feel the effects of the fullmoon a few days before and after it’s considered full. The time and day the moon is “exact” depends on where you live. Universal time puts it at 6:09am today. For the Pacific Northwest, it was exact at 11:08 pm last night. At any rate it is always helpful to flow with moon cycles. 🌕
🔹This is a good time to take a bath, charge your crystals, and even place water underneath the beautiful moonlight.
🔹I want to give a heads up to anyone who may be sensitive to energy that comes in with meteor showers–the Lyrid meteor shower begins next week around the 16th.💫
I have to giggle at that freeze frame☺️
Do you want to dive deeper into your personal journey?

​​I was having trouble getting the video to upload directly to the site, so here’s a link 🙂


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