Release and Expand

The last three days have been intense while we “jump tracks.” The collective is going through a shift that is bringing truth up to the surface. That quote about the truth pissing you off before it sets you free is really hitting home for me. This is shift occurring at a cellular level, so be gentle with yourself—and others.

My dreams have been quite vivid. I am a dream worker and often my dreams are just me over lighting for other people. So it was last night. I dreamt that I traveled around the world doing energy work and massage on certain people. (Codes of Light transferred) I also dreamt about a giant horse that followed me around like a dog, which was both concerning and enchanting. (My divine helper)

Like an omnipresent being, I could hear people’s thoughts and fears —many of them were worried and weighed down by the things they had done that were out of alignment. One Woman telepathically spoke of feeling that she was always wearing a mask and fake. A contractor destroyed himself with guilt when he used subpar building equipment. These people were desperate because they felt trapped in their own shame and guilt. Acting as the divine witness to their pain, I showed them that nothing needed to be repaid (on a soul level) and they needed to release these heavy and dense emotions.

✨Release is an ACTION and not a thought. The reason people hold onto heavy and dense emotions is because they fear the actions that would set them free.✨

Expand your energy, connect consciously— earth star to soul star—above and below. When you anchor your energy and expand it in such a way, you become a stabilizing force during turbulent times.

Don’t worry if you’ve been feeling in between, anxious or unsettled. You were born to ride these waves—and when you choose to consciously focus on what you desire, you are choosing to shift into a more joyous and expanded energy.

I’ve talked about this before, but once again I feel the energy of 2018. In 2015 spirit showed me that 2015, 2016 and 2017 would be preparation years and that 2018 and be “lift off.”
Remember, as you heal–you heal for all. The collective will be lighter for it, and your lineage.

I’m sending out waves of love to you~~~~~~~

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