Rise and Shine

Navigating life and energy shifts from a heart based perspective has been one of the over-riding messages from Spirit over the last few years (few thousand years, perhaps? 😉 Hopefully something within today’s message resonates and
helps you on your journey!

💫Please bear with me as I stumble my way through astrological explanations, while hitting on collective frequency shifts that I have been feeling.🙂🦋 I have included some handy websites for those looking to understand their north and south nodes. I have to say—I love the dragon connection (the south node is also called the dragon’s tail, and the north node is called the dragon’s head) and I will be researching that further.
💫If you don’t already know your nodes, here’s a handy chart http://www.drstandley.com/astrologycharts_north_and_south_n…

💫Info on the nodes, and what YOUR personal nodes mean http://www.leahwhitehorse.com/…/the-lunar-nodes-through-th…/
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3 thoughts on “Rise and Shine

  1. Ha,

    So, I looked up me Nodes and it be saying that my north node Is Leo and south Is Aquarius, so now you got me weirded out, because figuring out the relevance seems beyond my comprehension.

    I was really wondering if you have noticed that although we talk about these energies coming in waves, with rises and troughs, into our spiral dance, do you think that there could actually be a respiration quality, like in-breaths and exhalings too?

    Two other things that I would mention is that I’m having trouble connecting with my higher-self because I don’t think that I have one. I think that I’m about as high as I can get. And the other thing is that I don’t think of myself as being big, I think of God being a really Big God and that is what has always motivated me to keep the faith and press on.

    I guess that I just wanted you to know that I pay attention to your videos and they are an influence on me. -Don



    • Interesting about your nodes!
      Yes, I would say that the waves of energy shifts are like inhalations and exhalations, in essence. It is occurring more frequently over the past year. It can be hard to put into human words what is felt and seen from a more expanded point of view. Speaking of, once unification of Self occurs, the high self, and “you” here is united, the same–so it’s not something you expand into or bring down but a frequency you emit. A choice. And the heart space is the access point.

      My human brain has a hard time expressing the enormity and interconnectedness of GodSource frequency—be we are it, it is us. All 1. How amazing and cool that we get to express a portion.


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