I woke around 4:14 am. Not my favorite time to be awake, but I’ve learned to flow with things. I received a very clear download. I saw a circle, with many other circles around it of varying sizes. Like the tumbler of a lock, the circles were slowly lining up, I could hear the ticking and clicking. When they finally lined up perfectly I could hear and feel an echoing pulse of energy. I then heard, “The portal has opened.”


Light pulsed down in a steady to the planet creating a stream of conscious energy–activating the earth grid to assist us now. This energy is going to create slipstreams so that shifts can occur quickly, bringing soul families and star clusters (earth angels) together. We will feel this cellularly, and depending on your own energy field you may feel quite tired or over caffeinated. (I was EXHAUSTED yesterday, but feeling pretty good today).  


When I see and feel downloads like this it is a multidimensional experience. In that moment I was expanded, simply awareness/consciousness–yet totally aware of being in my body, laying in bed (wishing I could sleep). The most interesting thing about this portal activation is that it was not on my radar. I feel like it occurred to assist us because so many people are struggling to clear pain and trauma that is presenting as anger, rage, depression, apathy. We need people to be in their hearts holding light—increasing the vibration of the planet–not because it sounds nice, but because we are literally shifting. We came here to do this work. 


Expect the unexpected. Heightened synchronicities, new connections, and clarity will likely be occurring after your cells integrate this upgrade. 


Practical steps to take:

• pay close attention to your body, and be sensitive to its needs. 

• allow your feelings, and express them. Give yourself time to ground and anchor before speaking. 

• nature! Water! Journaling! Good friends! Sunlight! You know the drill.😉


I looked for a picture or artwork representing the portal, oddly there wasn’t anything. I do feel like there’s probably a crop circle somewhere that looks like this. 😉

One thought on “Portal 

  1. Ya, I just copied that from you F B page. Your power deck reading was really sparking today. Please don’t explode on me.



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