Timeline Shifts

The most recent weeks have pulled us deeply into our own process, bringing up patterns, wounds, and relationships for review and transmutation. (This may or may not have felt like being dragged behind wild horses.) If you are used to consciously traversing these energetic gateways, then the bigger challenge was feeling the “collective” wobble as they dealt with stirred up emotions.

After a period of solar calm, we have had three M class solar flares in the last week. We are electromagnetic beings, each of us with different levels of sensitivity. I tend to sleep less when we have solar flares, sometimes I will have a head ache. I was reminded once again that during times of cellular shift, I become very thirsty. This is a message from my body that things are moving quickly and that change is imminent.

Recently, I felt called to look at my journal entries and listen to my voice memos from the last year. I am in awe because they so clearly outline the energy shifts we have experienced. I did not quite see the full pattern in the moment of the original writing, but you know what they say, hindsight is 20/20.

What IS clear now, is that everything in the collective has changed once again, and while people feel it, very few will understand it. I am again receiving messages about how vital it is for each person to stabilize and anchor their OWN energy.

For those of us who incarnated to be the waking dreamers, the activators, stabilizers and anchors, we feel these shifts and then do our best to share the codes of light for those who are meant to pick them up.

What each person does with the codes received is up to them.

I feel like it is important to note that wayshowers, activators and grid workers will often experience—within their body and energetic field—-collective shifts BEFORE they actually occur. This allows us to stabilize, anchor and understand the energy, and then share. 

Today I want to share a transmission from last November 2016 that addressed the incoming energy shifts that I had been feeling. Looking back I now understand that this message was anchoring energy for the upcoming gateways this summer and fall. I have been feeling that we cannot do things in the “old” ways….finding this in my journal really brought that home again. We cannot force. Now is the time to allow.

The blue diamond codes are accessed now to create the SHIFT needed in frequency–this is not a upgrade —-it is a literal shift in frequency. The change that was needed could not arrive at any other frequency. This new frequency is THE BLUE TEMPORAL FRACTURE OF DUALITY. What is the Blue Temporal Fracture of Duality? It is the easement of veils of separation that existed only within human time/space reality. This “fracture” occurred August 2nd of this year, your time.

(In 2016, nearly one year ago. This marked an end to illusions, even if the collective could not quite understand that, the old ways were done. This looked like chaos on the planet.)

The “chaos” you have been witnessing has merely been the result of mass awakening as the multiverse was felt by sleeping/unaware humans. The awake/aware witnessed the shift, but have already walked such initiations. The Aware are needed as Pillars of Light to be the stabilizing force as the transition occurs. 

(I have been shown many times that the majority of the people on earth are asleep to the fact that we exist now in a new frequency, but that they are slowly awakening to the heart frequency that they are emitting. This means feeling and thinking in new ways, and it does not matter if they understand it. It is very important that those of us who know this and operate from the heart keep our light strong–and don’t get swept into the lower vibrational patterns that are fizzling out with a bang. This is the true essence of change being an “inside job,” the sleeping collective are literally waking from the inside out—as were you………)

I asked if all was going well so far on the timeline

The “timeline” is going at the rate of the human heart. All time is “perfect.” (subtle laughter) From the expanded perspective it is easy to see when these shifts will occur. 

(I was shown an image in my mind of a graph building up and then spiking. I asked if there was a way for me to see from a human perspective—other than just feeling the build-up and then noticing the shift…and then seeing it clearly after the fact.)

The timeline is now fractured. The old way is no longer applicable.

The conversation/journal entry ends there, likely I was interrupted. Such is life. I do know that post 2012 all karma was released. Souls that leave the planet do so in total freedom—no more looping. However, we have spent the past few years in integration—learning how to be master creators in this new freedom. EMBODIED. May 24th 2017 proved to be an end point to that learning curve and Spirit is making it very clear that it is time to exist within the UNITY HARMONY MATRIX. This is about true union. Soul alchemy. Knowing your own completeness and wholeness. United Masculine and feminine energies within each person. And then the EXPANDED soul essences. Your diamond codes, crystal codes, star codes and beyond.

Unification means that we are asked be balanced in our hearts AND our minds. Our Spirit AND our body. What does that mean in practical terms?

•Feel. Allow your body’s sensations and listen to them. Ask what your body needs. Support and nurture your body. This is the essence of EMBODIMENT. Thinking about how something made you feel is quite different from FEELING the anger, pain or joy sweep through your very cells. Yes, feeling it is intense, but is a powerful gift—being in the moment and feeling the energy, remaining present while feeling so deeply— you can then create instant change/shifts/release because the energy is active in your cells and energy field. **Accessible**

•Listen to your heart AND your mind. Bring them into Unity. This is about following the true guidance of your heart and then making a plan (using the tool that is your mind and ego for its true purpose). We cannot be wishy-washy in life and expect good results. Part of being EMBODIED means that you listen to your heart and then take real world action. But first connect to your higher Self/higher vibrations.

•Step out of your comfort zone. The time is now, the power is YOU.

•If you feel unclear—get into sacred space and connect, ground and center in the way that works best for you.

If you feel so called—please feel free to share!
Blessings to you~~~~~

Earth Changes

Have you been feeling the call to deepen? The current shifts are over-writing old patterns. This means that we are releasing from the subconscious matrix that which no longer serves. The beauty of Pluto is that it is triggering and bringing up our shadow energies–but rather than having to “process” the energy, it feels as though it’s being swept away. We must simply allow. Witness. Observe. 
Trust what is occurring for you right now. Every person is shifting according to their path and purpose. What action steps are being called to take? 
I know I say this often—-your heart space is your anchor point. 
💎Your heart is your access point. Trust it. 
💎Your body is your best oracle. Trust it.
Align with the natural flow of your BEING. Be gentle with yourself. 
•Listen to music that opens you. 
•Infuse your food and water with light by first holding it in your hands and calling in the codes of light of Source into your Self, within your heart and ATTUNE and ACTIVATE the water or food that you are about to bring into your body. If you are not a visual person, you can simply request that your food and water be attuned to the perfect frequency to match your body. Hold the space, take a few deep breaths. 
•Consume Consciously. 
May you be surrounded with grace, may your angels clear path.
So much love. 

Art by Toni Carmine Salerno from the oracle Universal Wisdom.