Earth Changes

Have you been feeling the call to deepen? The current shifts are over-writing old patterns. This means that we are releasing from the subconscious matrix that which no longer serves. The beauty of Pluto is that it is triggering and bringing up our shadow energies–but rather than having to “process” the energy, it feels as though it’s being swept away. We must simply allow. Witness. Observe. 
Trust what is occurring for you right now. Every person is shifting according to their path and purpose. What action steps are being called to take? 
I know I say this often—-your heart space is your anchor point. 
💎Your heart is your access point. Trust it. 
💎Your body is your best oracle. Trust it.
Align with the natural flow of your BEING. Be gentle with yourself. 
•Listen to music that opens you. 
•Infuse your food and water with light by first holding it in your hands and calling in the codes of light of Source into your Self, within your heart and ATTUNE and ACTIVATE the water or food that you are about to bring into your body. If you are not a visual person, you can simply request that your food and water be attuned to the perfect frequency to match your body. Hold the space, take a few deep breaths. 
•Consume Consciously. 
May you be surrounded with grace, may your angels clear path.
So much love. 

Art by Toni Carmine Salerno from the oracle Universal Wisdom. 

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