⚜️⚜️“The time is now, the power is you.”⚜️⚜️

The first time I read the above quote by Jamie Sams, I felt it reverberate throughout my body. I felt like time stood still. I could feel the truth of my own personal empowerment rising within me. This was in the late 1990’s, at the beginning of my conscious journey with spirit. Prior to that it had been unconscious fumblings and happenings with Spirit leading me to amazing a-ha moments, but I didn’t realize fully what I was sensing and experiencing or how to be present with it. That changed when I was gifted my first set of oracle cards at 17. There I was, the weird teenager meditating and pulling oracle cards. Little did I know the path it would open for me.

At any rate, I wrote the quote down on paper and put it in my wall where it became my mantra over the coming years.

💎Right now, I’m again feeling this energy strongly. THE TIME IS NOW, AND THE POWER IS YOU. I’m not talking about the kind of power where you force yourself to trudge through. I’m talking about the kind of power that IGNITES your soul when you co-create with It—and with Spirit. When you lay down your unworthiness and step into your I AM.

💎If you are looking to go deeper, I offer Transformational Sessions designed to activate your cells and assist you in your personal journey of Expansion. Truly, I have been in awe of these sessions.

💎When I felt the information and transmissions for this work coming through, I too, had a choice. With reverence, I said yes. Yes to being a vessel for this work. Yes to holding sacred space, yes to speaking more openly about soul/cell activation. Yes.

If you feel a similar “yes” within you, please reach out. The focus of my work is always to be expansive, but also practical. Spiritual concepts don’t mean much if we don’t embody it, and walk our talk. Blessings to you!

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