Q&A response videos

Hello! I asked for your questions on a FB live video around energy, Spirit, etc. The first question I received was, “what do you mean when you say embody?”
Here is the answer that came through. If nothing else I hope this opened a dialog within you about what embodiment means to you!

**Self-love investment opportunity!!**

What is a self-love investment? It is when we invest in ourselves in a way that increases our energy, inspiration, joy and well-being.

I have been inspired to create a private membership for those who resonate with my work, and want access to weekly energy updates, private fb lives, and to be in a community with kindred spirits. Stay connected and inspired in a closed group with like minded souls. I am here to offer my wisdom and tap in to the current energy. I am doing this just for fun. So if it is just me and 6 other people, I’m down. I want all of us to expand, explore and have fun doing it. When you shine your light, others can see. I want you BRIGHT!

Join the community!