Stabilizing Force

🌎What does it mean to be a stabilizer?🌍

🔵Neptune retrograde in Pisces is giving everything a •w a t e r y & d r e a m y• feel. As we get ready to head into Cancer season and solstice, the feeling I get is deep dive. Like a whale that has come up for air and turns to go very deep in the ocean.

🐋 So it is, with our minds and feelings. Except things don’t feel especially clear. Neptune in Pisces sings the song of no-thing-nes. Nothingness. The void. Some may be feeling anxiety. Doubt. Fear. Ground through your heartspace. Become a stabilizing force on the planet.

♥️Why is grounding and stabilizing important?♥️

We are being rocked and squeezed by energies seen and unseen. While I am no astrologer, I am often called by my soul to observe astrological patterns. Mars, Neptune, and Uranus are especially activating right now. There is much anger, chaos and trauma being triggered. It is not an illusion. People are suffering.

And there is something we can do. Take real world action (energy without action = anxiety) by helping where you can.

This becomes a powerful energy stream when you stand in your heart and BE the sovereign soul you are.

🔴Mars holds the energy of action. But also war. If we (collectively) allow ourselves to exist in a subconscious, primal, reactive state we will find ourselves easily triggered.

🔵Neptune is the abyss. Psychic. Dreamy. But it can also lead to confusion if you’re not grounded. When you feel yourself swept away by Neptune’s currents you are being called to take action towards clarity. Journal, walk, connect with Earth—you know the drill.

🌪Uranus…oh, Uranus….the lightning bolt. ⚡️⚡️ Freedom. Rebellion. Change. And how do we get change? Usually through uncomfortable processes! But this energy also leads to invention. New. Next. Let us anchor the new and next PURPOSEFULLY via our hearts.

🌟Ground and anchor YOUR lightsteam now. It helps to stabilize the planetary grids.🌟

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