Black Light

Oh, the energy of this current eclipse cycle! Are you feeling it?

Technically, the new moon partial solar eclipse is on the 12th/13th, but we FEEL the energy before and after such events.

The partial solar eclipse July 12th/13th puts us in what I call an eclipse sandwich until the lunar eclipse on July 27th.  And what an eclipse that will be! At 4 degrees 44 minutes Aquarius, this lunar eclipse will be long and strong + holding the energy of angelic coding. 444

The light codes I am receiving and hearing for this eclipse cycle we are in is BLACK LIGHT. Have you ever stood under a black light?

It makes everything light GLOW SO BRIGHT. Right now, in this dark moon eclipse energy, we are in what appears to be darkness, but truly, the light is so luminous, we cannot perceive it.

We do, however, see what it is illuminating.

Art by Jon Poppleton

So often, when Spirit shines a light on us it activates our tender spaces. It touches places that are not often touched. Asking us to EXPAND and continue the ever unfolding process of being soul here on earth. In the physical form.

Often, the first thing we want to do is resist.

No matter what day you are reading this, ask yourself if you can BE in the present energy you are experiencing.

Be in it without asking if you have done anything wrong. (Because there is a new age fallacy that says if it doesn’t feel good you have messed up). Be in it without blaming the world for being wrong.

Just be.

As a divine neutral witness.

My question to you; how are you feeling? What IS this eclipse bringing up for you?

Are you empty?

Are you feeling strong energy and emotions?

Do you have massive downloads occurring and need to reboot your human computer?

You’ve got this dear one.

You are here now, and everything is right on time. 😉

After the fly buzzing around the video I had to google fly totem. I will include a link–but absolute perfection. I have been thinking about death and rebirth all day. This morning I  listened to a voice memo I recorded a few years ago about Inanna and integrating that energy. In the vision I was both Inanna and Ereshkigal. If you are familiar with Inanna’s journey, you will understand. 
all1 fly totem energy

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