Hello, Wayshowers

🙋🏻‍♀️ Raise your hand if you can relate.

Who’s been feeling heightened senses/emotions + exhaustion? This can come across as feeling VOID as well. There’s a reason for this. We are in a physical and energetic REBOOT. (Familiar territory, yes?)

People ask me when the energy will lighten up. It won’t folks.

Those of us who came to consciously be

💎wayshowers💎 have spent the last 10 years, since the great emergence of 2008 ((yes, I’m aware of many other points in time of planetary activation, but there was an emergence of wayshowers who allowed themselves to be seen in 2008, who found each other, and indeed we are seeing the next level now. Onward!) learning how to integrate and surf the waves and live out loud. I reported that as of January 2016 the light pulses on the planet would remain steady. No longer would we receive downloads, have time to integrate and live our lives, wash rinse repeat.

🌟When we increase our quotient of light, we become very sensitive to it. 🌟

This means we feel more intensely, and our physical and energetic bodies require that we tune in and offer the care they need.

Eventually this sensitivity evens out and becomes the new normal. For example, there were a few years where I was extremely sensitive to energy and Spirit taught me how to work the energy grids before going to certain places. To ground and attune the frequencies, this revitalization meant new energy could flow in and the stagnant energy could move and be neutralized. Many of us do this work, some without realizing it consciously. Its now second nature to me, and I don’t have to think about it.

When we move beyond feeling hypersensitive to everything we can almost feel disconnected, because the rawness has felt normal. But you’re not disconnected. Once your body and energetic fields unify, and you bring in your expanded essence, you <<<EMBODY>>> and your center, your way of grounding and expanding is within you.

There’s no more going out. Or up. Your connection You can expand, but the vastness and connection is so solidly within that you realize, shit, here I am. I had the magic all along. This will feel ironic if your starseed self was longing to “go home,” only to realize, home is where the heart is.

And the heart is the access point.

The heart is the portal.

The heart is the failsafe,

because it’s the only way through,

and only those in their heart can pass through.

(To be fair, the process took intense work on all levels, especially activating and expanding our DNA and cells to be able to hold our essence. New earth kids come here already attuned, awaiting Activation. Each generation makes it easier for the next, but that is a whole different post)


Here we are——after an intense fiery summer of transformation.

If you have been detoxing (removing that which no longer serves you), and making room to increase your quotient of light (through mindfulness, meditation, connecting with nature, laughter, etc.), you will find this challenging but stimulating.

Mastery is about having the presence to remain steady as we surf these waves. To remain steady even when it appears people are wiping out. It’s important we follow heart prompts.

That we allow people their own unique process.

And remember, this process is easier than our mind would have us believe.

Practical steps you can take right now:


•Get next to natural bodies of water.

•Tune in and ask Spirit how you can be of service right now? Is there anywhere you can direct your powerful light?

•Walk your talk. This human experience is THE experience. Your soul is here for a reason.

•TURN OFF media that which makes you feel hopeless. It’s good to be aware. It lets us direct our light. So stay aware, but don’t sit in the quagmire.

•This is not meant to be perfect. You are allowed your emotions. All of them. You’re going to feel frustrated, empty, pissed off, resistant. But mastery means you don’t stay there. You can observe and look at these emotions with curiosity and compassion. Gone are the days of judging yourself for being human.

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