I have always been an intuitive, empath and medium, which means I experience the world around me with an intense level of sensitivity; I can consciously see and feel angels, energy fields, and guides of the soul. But I didn’t always realize that I was intuitive! I took my gifts for granted because it was just how I naturally operated. I knew I was different, but I didn’t know how to express my intuitive gifts. This led to years of work developing the inner skills necessary to access my inner wisdom and connect with Spirit at will. I was driven by a desire to feel connected to Source. I have distilled the wisdom I have gained in order to teach others how to hear their own inner wisdom.

While I have had a few mentors along the way, my true teacher is Spirit. The angels and the guides of my soul have always come through to help me remember my inner knowing. This began in earnest when I was 12 years old, and has not stopped to this day.

I went to East West College of Healing Arts in 2004/5 to become a licensed massage therapist. In 2006, I received by first initiation into energy healing; Usui Reiki. This was followed up with Master level Shamballa Multi-dimensional Healing trainings and attunements. However, I was guided to remove my attunements in 2015, (I have posted a video on youtube where I go into depth about this) I have taken various angel themed classes and workshops but I want to clarify, ***the angel classes were for me and my joy, and to affirm how much I love to work with the angels! I did not need a class or to be “certified.” And neither do you! If you are working consciously with the angels, that is enough. 🙂

Also of note, post 2012, we no longer NEED to be attuned to energy healing. Many of us are walking activators. If you feel called to energy healing and want to take a class, then do so. But know that all you need exists inside of you….people and information may act as a trigger, but you are living wisdom.

ALL of my work is SPIRIT LED. What does that mean? It means that I set the intention that all that comes through is for your highest and greatest good, and then I offer what flows through, knowing that it is whats needed in the present moment.

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On a personal note, I am a Taurus, Sagittarius rising, Libra moon. I am a mother of three amazing daughters, I love to read (Anne Bishop! Juliette Marillier!) I need to be around trees. I prefer streams and rivers over oceans and lakes. I can see fairies. I like my coffee black. My home is full of love and rescue animals (ok, only three, and the cat still doesn’t let us pet him) I don’t really like to cook or eat. I have too many sets of tarot cards and oracles deck (gasp! one can never have too many sets of tarot cards!) I pick up rocks that call to me. I will often pull my car over just so I can gaze at the moon, clouds, trees, sunset, etc. I love to help people, and I need my alone time. If you bring up food allergies/sensitivities around me prepared to dive deep, I am passionate about feeling good! I eat AIP for wellness. I am equally passionate about empowering people to tune in to their intuition so they can create and authentic life they love! 


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