Why Remove Reiki Attunements and Symbols?

This is a personal share and is from direct experience, the information is from Spirit and my Soul. I offer this knowing it will resonate with some, but not all.

In our personal and collective journey there are clear moments of ” before” and “after.” A few examples for this in the collective are the world wars, the Great Depression, 9/11. On the personal level, the birth of a child or the death of a loved one marks definite points in our timeline, and these external changes require that you respond to life in a different way, there are new rules to follow, and life will never be the same. We expand and evolve into our normal.

Then there are inner changes that occur, that are just as major, but it’s felt on the inner plane and even if others can sense the change, or have experienced their own similar shift, these inner shifts uniquely happen within you. For today’s purposes, I am going to focus on the inner shifts that occur when one is going through an energetic and mystic awakening, which is often referred to as ascension. This experience, and the steps that were taken to align energy and anchor and ground the lightbody were different pre and post 2012. Pre 2012, most people needed to take active steps in order to release old energy (which is needed in order to collapse old timelines, heal lineage wounds and release unneeded energetic connections that keep the energy field small and heavy). When one brings in more of their light essence, the dank energy is purged. This leads to major shifts in the physical and energetic body, that may be experienced as headaches, body aches, and increased energetic sensitivity, just to touch the tip of the ice burg.

Pre 2012, many who were on an awakening path, sought out healers and spiritual teachers, and often received energetic attunements, such as Reiki. Pre 2012 taking these steps helped to open people in ways so they could more easily channel their light, and not fry their systems in doing so.

Collectively, many wayshowers had been working (consciously and subconsciously) earth and cosmic grid lines in order to increase its frequency and vibration and to transmute old energy and collapse old timelines, so that higher frequency energy could be EMBODIED here. This process had a tipping point in 2012.

In 2011, I saw quite clearly that people’s over-souls were going to be dropping into their bodies in a staggered timeline (those who were higher vibe would receive first) and that people were going to have a much more sudden awakeing and awareness, and even if they did not understand the “what and why,” they would have access to their expanded lightbody and inner wisdom. This has been part of the planned earth ascension process.

After the end point of 2012, we evolved into a one-step process. The heart portal. We no longer required many steps to access our over soul and all the wisdom therein. We need only tap into our heart center and follow internal guidance. This guidance may lead people to other wayshower, wisdom keepers, healers and the like. But we are now in a time of self sovereignty.

The heart is the fail safe, the access point and the portal. Trust yours.

In 2012 the old timelines fell away. Karmic looping ended. Many did not (and do not) realize this, but the old mission is accomplished, and the new one had begun. All the old soul agreements ended and WE got to choose how to proceed forward.

I rarely share my experiences as a planetary and cosmic grid worker, mostly because it doesn’t feel necessary. Anyone who has done the work to transmute the old, and embody the high self has access to this energy and wisdom. I did not learn this from reading anything, but through years of showing up, asking, “how can I be of service.” I came here to do this work. And I respect and honor that every person came here to explore their unique path. There is no one right way. There are many paths up the mountain. But the connection is to Source. Everyone will find their own language for this connection. Everyone will find their own way to it. Everyone will play their part, whether they know it or not.

You, right here and right now, you have arrived. And you will never arrive. This is an expansion journey and we will never be done. How sweet is that? Let’s savor it.

So–what does all this have to do with removing Reiki attunements and symbols??

My internal guidance prompted me to remove all symbols and attunements from my energy field in 2015. They had served their purpose, and now were energy entanglements that were low vibe. It’s funny, because pre 2012, I was offering attunements to almost all of my clients, and by 2013 I realized I had stopped feeling the prompt to offer them, but didn’t know why. In fact, I didn’t really think about it until my soul asked me to remove all attunements from my energy field.

There are some people who still resonate with Reiki and energy healing. If that is you, trust yourself. There are others, including new earth younger folks, who do not need attunements to do the work. We continue to expand and shift and change. As I have shared in the past, I am an activator. I activate people’s energy fields and DNA, and post 2012, this became effortless. This is my path and as a wayshower I am compelled to share. I am not looking to debate this subject. If this information is not for you, I respect that.
With love, H.

Here is the meditation for removing attunements. For clarity; this meditation will not remove anything from your energy field, the power to do that is in YOU and your intention. This meditation is a template, feel free to create your own release ceremony. 


We are in the final stretch of 2018, I feel like it will be 2019 before we know it!

As we prepare for fall and winter (spring and summer for my southern hemisphere friends!) and get ready to hub in and go deeper with the season, I thought this would be a good time to post a few updates about my offerings.

My one on one sessions will not be available until 2019. If you are wanting to connect or receive insight I have decided to make my video readings available again (woot!! I know there have been some folks missing this offering).

Video sessions now include grounding, cleansing and clearing of your energy field, and up to three questions. If you want more information, Here is a link to my booking page. ♥️

I also offer my time, insight and energy activations via the cosmic portal of Patreon 😉 Seriously though, it has been very joyous to offer weekly energy updates, and energy activations at the new and full moon. I am also putting together tools and content for my patrons, which can be found in the “units” sections of the private FB group. Here’s the link to my Patreon Page.

I am beginning to feel both a quickening and a slow down. This past season has been fiery, fast paced, and demanded that we walk our talk, (if not, the feedback loop has been quite fast).

We need a bit of time for our experiences to synthesize. My sense is that when we emerge into the 2019 frequency we may not recognize the landscape because we will be seeing it through new eyes, like a hawk flying above, seeing the bigger picture. Clarity and a new sense of perception.

Heed the whispers of your soul. Nurture your body, organize and purge your space, allow yourself to dream a bit. As always, many blessings to you!

Hello, Wayshowers

🙋🏻‍♀️ Raise your hand if you can relate.

Who’s been feeling heightened senses/emotions + exhaustion? This can come across as feeling VOID as well. There’s a reason for this. We are in a physical and energetic REBOOT. (Familiar territory, yes?)

People ask me when the energy will lighten up. It won’t folks.

Those of us who came to consciously be

💎wayshowers💎 have spent the last 10 years, since the great emergence of 2008 ((yes, I’m aware of many other points in time of planetary activation, but there was an emergence of wayshowers who allowed themselves to be seen in 2008, who found each other, and indeed we are seeing the next level now. Onward!) learning how to integrate and surf the waves and live out loud. I reported that as of January 2016 the light pulses on the planet would remain steady. No longer would we receive downloads, have time to integrate and live our lives, wash rinse repeat.

🌟When we increase our quotient of light, we become very sensitive to it. 🌟

This means we feel more intensely, and our physical and energetic bodies require that we tune in and offer the care they need.

Eventually this sensitivity evens out and becomes the new normal. For example, there were a few years where I was extremely sensitive to energy and Spirit taught me how to work the energy grids before going to certain places. To ground and attune the frequencies, this revitalization meant new energy could flow in and the stagnant energy could move and be neutralized. Many of us do this work, some without realizing it consciously. Its now second nature to me, and I don’t have to think about it.

When we move beyond feeling hypersensitive to everything we can almost feel disconnected, because the rawness has felt normal. But you’re not disconnected. Once your body and energetic fields unify, and you bring in your expanded essence, you <<<EMBODY>>> and your center, your way of grounding and expanding is within you.

There’s no more going out. Or up. Your connection You can expand, but the vastness and connection is so solidly within that you realize, shit, here I am. I had the magic all along. This will feel ironic if your starseed self was longing to “go home,” only to realize, home is where the heart is.

And the heart is the access point.

The heart is the portal.

The heart is the failsafe,

because it’s the only way through,

and only those in their heart can pass through.

(To be fair, the process took intense work on all levels, especially activating and expanding our DNA and cells to be able to hold our essence. New earth kids come here already attuned, awaiting Activation. Each generation makes it easier for the next, but that is a whole different post)


Here we are——after an intense fiery summer of transformation.

If you have been detoxing (removing that which no longer serves you), and making room to increase your quotient of light (through mindfulness, meditation, connecting with nature, laughter, etc.), you will find this challenging but stimulating.

Mastery is about having the presence to remain steady as we surf these waves. To remain steady even when it appears people are wiping out. It’s important we follow heart prompts.

That we allow people their own unique process.

And remember, this process is easier than our mind would have us believe.

Practical steps you can take right now:


•Get next to natural bodies of water.

•Tune in and ask Spirit how you can be of service right now? Is there anywhere you can direct your powerful light?

•Walk your talk. This human experience is THE experience. Your soul is here for a reason.

•TURN OFF media that which makes you feel hopeless. It’s good to be aware. It lets us direct our light. So stay aware, but don’t sit in the quagmire.

•This is not meant to be perfect. You are allowed your emotions. All of them. You’re going to feel frustrated, empty, pissed off, resistant. But mastery means you don’t stay there. You can observe and look at these emotions with curiosity and compassion. Gone are the days of judging yourself for being human.

Black Light

Oh, the energy of this current eclipse cycle! Are you feeling it?

Technically, the new moon partial solar eclipse is on the 12th/13th, but we FEEL the energy before and after such events.

The partial solar eclipse July 12th/13th puts us in what I call an eclipse sandwich until the lunar eclipse on July 27th.  And what an eclipse that will be! At 4 degrees 44 minutes Aquarius, this lunar eclipse will be long and strong + holding the energy of angelic coding. 444

The light codes I am receiving and hearing for this eclipse cycle we are in is BLACK LIGHT. Have you ever stood under a black light?

It makes everything light GLOW SO BRIGHT. Right now, in this dark moon eclipse energy, we are in what appears to be darkness, but truly, the light is so luminous, we cannot perceive it.

We do, however, see what it is illuminating.

Art by Jon Poppleton

So often, when Spirit shines a light on us it activates our tender spaces. It touches places that are not often touched. Asking us to EXPAND and continue the ever unfolding process of being soul here on earth. In the physical form.

Often, the first thing we want to do is resist.

No matter what day you are reading this, ask yourself if you can BE in the present energy you are experiencing.

Be in it without asking if you have done anything wrong. (Because there is a new age fallacy that says if it doesn’t feel good you have messed up). Be in it without blaming the world for being wrong.

Just be.

As a divine neutral witness.

My question to you; how are you feeling? What IS this eclipse bringing up for you?

Are you empty?

Are you feeling strong energy and emotions?

Do you have massive downloads occurring and need to reboot your human computer?

You’ve got this dear one.

You are here now, and everything is right on time. 😉

After the fly buzzing around the video I had to google fly totem. I will include a link–but absolute perfection. I have been thinking about death and rebirth all day. This morning I  listened to a voice memo I recorded a few years ago about Inanna and integrating that energy. In the vision I was both Inanna and Ereshkigal. If you are familiar with Inanna’s journey, you will understand. 
all1 fly totem energy


I realized today that I have not made an official blog post talking about the shifts in my work and the evolution of the past year…..and here we are, on the precipice of the day out of time, the lion’s gate and getting ready to head into 2019.

If you follow my work, you know I have been talking about 2018 for some time. I knew it would be a time of great change, not just for me, but collectively. Even so, I did not anticipate the deep changes that would come about after witnessing the great North American solar eclipse August 21st 2017. I was cellularly different. My work paused. I paused. I allowed myself to shift. I still do my work as a multi-dimensional gridworker. But my soul insisted I stop offering my daily energy readings. My soul told me to be still. To create offerings for those who were invested in THEIR OWN change. Of course, this was challenging. I wondered if I would ever put forth any offerings….would I just do my work silently? Would I stop all of my work altogether? In the midst of the questioning I simply allowed.

Until one day my phone, of it’s own accord, began to play a podcast of two women who speaking about exactly what I needed to hear (of course!) in order to move forward. Here is the funny thing; I did not even know my phone had podcast app. They were talking about empowerment, taking charge, being spiritual and a thought leader. All of it was a Y-E-S in my body.

I was ready.

I had been letting this new energy I was feeling flow through me. I let Transformational Sessions take shape. Within days I had my first clients. It was the work I was doing all along—activating the lightbody and DNA of clients and offering intuitive insight combined with Spirit-led questions that powerfully shift and hone clients in the present moment and helped them move into THE NEXT.

But now I had a different level of clarity.

I have been so fully in this fire (and this work absolutely sets me on fire in the best way) learning and unfolding and offering with love that I think I forgot to really talk about the PROCESS! So-With love, I offer my grateful heart to you. And to the world. May you find your truth, align with your soul and shine.

I have created Sacred Space via patreon for those looking to stay connected with my energy updates and for those desiring new moon/full moon activations!  Join the group!

Want to go deeper?

Stabilizing Force

🌎What does it mean to be a stabilizer?🌍

🔵Neptune retrograde in Pisces is giving everything a •w a t e r y & d r e a m y• feel. As we get ready to head into Cancer season and solstice, the feeling I get is deep dive. Like a whale that has come up for air and turns to go very deep in the ocean.

🐋 So it is, with our minds and feelings. Except things don’t feel especially clear. Neptune in Pisces sings the song of no-thing-nes. Nothingness. The void. Some may be feeling anxiety. Doubt. Fear. Ground through your heartspace. Become a stabilizing force on the planet.

♥️Why is grounding and stabilizing important?♥️

We are being rocked and squeezed by energies seen and unseen. While I am no astrologer, I am often called by my soul to observe astrological patterns. Mars, Neptune, and Uranus are especially activating right now. There is much anger, chaos and trauma being triggered. It is not an illusion. People are suffering.

And there is something we can do. Take real world action (energy without action = anxiety) by helping where you can.

This becomes a powerful energy stream when you stand in your heart and BE the sovereign soul you are.

🔴Mars holds the energy of action. But also war. If we (collectively) allow ourselves to exist in a subconscious, primal, reactive state we will find ourselves easily triggered.

🔵Neptune is the abyss. Psychic. Dreamy. But it can also lead to confusion if you’re not grounded. When you feel yourself swept away by Neptune’s currents you are being called to take action towards clarity. Journal, walk, connect with Earth—you know the drill.

🌪Uranus…oh, Uranus….the lightning bolt. ⚡️⚡️ Freedom. Rebellion. Change. And how do we get change? Usually through uncomfortable processes! But this energy also leads to invention. New. Next. Let us anchor the new and next PURPOSEFULLY via our hearts.

🌟Ground and anchor YOUR lightsteam now. It helps to stabilize the planetary grids.🌟

Transpersonal Being

🗝Who would you be without your pain??🗝

🗝Who would you be without your story?🗝

This a bit long, and a personal share. I am being called to share the part of my work that has been very, very private. Just me, Source and my journals.

After making this, I googled transpersonal.

of, denoting, or dealing with states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity.

This is not spiritual bypassing, far from it. This is doing the work so deeply, with such devotion, that you step into soul aligned living. You. Without the cobwebs of stories.

If this resonates, cool, if you know someone who would benefit from hearing this, feel free to send it their way.


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