Are you seeking to connect deeply with your intuitive gifts? 

 I’m opening limited space in my schedule for on-going coaching, send me a message to inquire about claiming a spot.💎

My work is designed to help you hear and understand your intuition–and moreover–become a joyous co-creator with Spirit! I offer one-on-one coaching sessions, private Patreon membership,  (I love this group!) and independent study courses.


Six Weeks of transformation

Learn to trust your intuition! These sessions will activate your energy and open a direct line of communication between you and your soul.

Week 1
Soul initiation and activation. You will receive written content and videos that will lay a foundation for this work, and show how to clear your energy and create sacred space.
Week 2
Activate the dormant codes of light in your energy field.
Week 3
Integration + creating open lines of communication with Spirit and your inner knowing.
Week 4
Unify your inner masculine and feminine essence so you can create from a balanced and empowered place. Inner Alchemy.
Week 5
Becoming a co-creator; living a soul-aligned life through your conscious choices and action steps!
Week 6
Amplify your light. We will close the sessions by sealing your energy in light and blessing your journey.

Two options to choose from:

1) You will receive the content and videos that I created for this course and you will get one-on-one support and coaching from me, virtually, with weekly or bi-weekly Zoom, Facebook messenger or Skype sessions. Each session is approximately 40 minutes. I will provide coaching and intuitive insights designed to upshift your expansion journey.
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2) Self-guided study. You will receive the content and videos I have lovingly created and work at your own pace.
I want to book this session. The time is now, the power is you.

Each person will have a unique experience with this work. Before each session you will need to watch the appropriate informational video and listen to the guided meditation/activation.  I advise that you begin these sessions only if you know you have the time and energy to engage with them.

13942570_10207044789933918_576105690_n30 Minute check-in Session
A quick check in with Spirit. It is a good idea to be clear about what you want from the session and to write down  questions.
Or perhaps you don’t have a question….but feel you are supposed to connect with me? This offers a good intro.
This session is perfect for me right now.

Video Reading
Back by popular demand!
I stopped these when I was having internet issues and could not keep up with client bookings. These readings now include a cleanse and clear of your energy at the start of the video. I am allowing up to three questions. My time is limited, so I may set a limit to how many of these I make available per week.
When you book, include your questions (options lines, making a decision, what does Spirit want me to know right now, etc.) I connect with Spirit, pull the cards, record, and send you the reading!
***This offering is priced by the service, not the time listed. These are Spirit led readings and the videos usually run 10-15 minutes in length. However, my time in prepping, uploading and sending are included in the service. (It is often more time consuming than I think it will be.)
Heck yes! I want a video reading!

1 Hour Strategy Session
This session begins with clearing your energetic fields, activating your lightbody and aligning your frequency, we then focus on your questions and goals for our time together. I suggest having a few questions written down beforehand. I look forward to working with you!
I’m ready to get down to business!

Self love investment opportunity!!
I invite you to join my Patreon community!

Do you want to FOCUS your intention so you can stay aligned with your spirit (while living in this busy world!)?

How often are you taking time to connect within?
If you are like most people, weeks or even months can go by before you realize that you’re exhausted, ungrounded and disconnected. Can you relate?

I have created a private group for like-minded people to gather, recharge and connect with lunar/earth cycles. Do you want to feel supported in your spiritual journey within a community designed to nurture your intuitive connection?

I am having so much fun with this group. I add info and insight, jump on live to do card readings and in general focus on collective expansion—- in joy, for the highest and greatest good of all.

I am deeply honored to work with you! It is my joy and purpose to hold sacred space with you, your guides and angels in order to provide clarity and to facilitate soul expansion.