Transformational Sessions

Saying yes is the first step….

What are transformational sessions? The quick answer is that they are powerful coaching sessions combined with energy activations designed to turn your light-body and intuition ON. During this time your DNA, cells, and inner-knowing are activated and you will receive clear guidance, but more importantly, you will learn to hear and trust YOUR OWN intuition.

Are you are ready to embody your truth and shine your light?

Results from Transformational Sessions:
*Clarity of next steps
*Trust in your own intuition
*Soul-aligned ACTION STEPS


What is in your blessed-just-for-you package?!?
*A binder filled with written content and space for your notes and questions.
*Crystals that I have attuned and activated to assist you.
*Anointing oil that I have mixed and attuned specifically for you.
*Smudging tools to help you clear your space.

We meet face to face virtually via Skype, Facebook messenger, Facetime or Zoom.

The power of our time together is in YOUR WILLINGNESS to do the work. My part is holding sacred space, and offering intuitive guidance, energy activations and insight. Before each session you will need to watch the appropriate informational video and listen to the meditation/activation in order to be prepared. ***It is very important that you begin these sessions only if you know you have the time and energy to engage with them.***

Week 1
Soul initiation and activation. Intro videos, including how to clear your energy and create sacred space.
Week 2
Activate your dormant codes of light and integrate new energy.
Week 3
Tap into direct conversations with Spirit and your Soul by developing agreed upon forms of communication. 
Week 4
Integrate and unify your inner masculine and feminine essence so you can create from a unified and empowered place.
Week 5
Stepping into sovereignty through your conscious choices and action steps!
Week 6
Amplify your light. We will close the sessions by sealing your energy in light and blessing your journey.

I am deeply honored to work with you! It is my joy and purpose to hold sacred space with you, your guides, angels and crossed over loved ones in order to provide clarity and facilitate soul expansion.



30 Minute check-in Session
A quick check in with Spirit. It is a good idea to be clear about what you want from the session, write down  questions.
Or perhaps you don’t have a question….but feel you are supposed to connect with me? This offers a good intro.
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60 Minute Strategy Session
Are you on the verge of a break through or feeling stuck?
I highly recommend writing down a few questions before our session; this clarity assists you, and lets me best support you. It is my pleasure to work with you! (Need more time? I also offer three hour intensives, email me for details).
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6 Transformational Coaching Sessions

Six sessions will take place weekly, or bi-weekly depending on your preference, in order to best facilitate and support your expansion. During the weeks we are working together, I ask that you use the blank pages in the binder to write down the insights and questions that come up between sessions, as well as insights that come through during your sessions. This will not only help you reflect deeper, but is a powerful action step affirming what you are desiring to create!

6 Transformational Sessions+Content

Pay for your transformational sessions here, then we will schedule appointments.

Pay at the above link, and then contact me in order to set up your sessions.

Self love investment opportunity!!
I invite you to join my Patreon community!

Do you want to FOCUS your intention so you can stay aligned with your spirit (while living in this busy world!)?

How often are you taking time to connect within?
If you are like most people, weeks or even months can go by before you realize that you’re exhausted, ungrounded and disconnected. Can you relate?

I have created a private group for like-minded people to gather, recharge and connect with lunar/earth cycles. Do you want to feel supported in your spiritual journey within a community designed to nurture your intuitive connection?


Group events/activations are announced on the EVENTS page and my facebook page, Present Moment Expansion. I host live and online group events that serve to expand and bring light to each individual. These sessions are held in sacred space, making it a safe place to speak freely. Common themes of these events are embodiment, healing and witnessing sacred wounds, release, group guided meditation, and intuitive reflection. Each group event is as unique as the participants and always in flow of divine timing and Spirit.