Ramping Up For New Energy

We are stepping into a series of gateways that will open us and push us to detox the mind, body and soul. This past month has been a time of intense (almost frenzied) action. Spirit is offering this advice to keep us from getting lost in the busy-ness; take action steps in order to connect and align with your core/inner knowing lest you become exhausted and miss opportunities—take heart in knowing that this will be a time of INTENSE FEELING—be gentle with yourself…and others. 

The new moon occurring on June 23rd will be in Cancer and it will be pulling you into your emotional depths. Flow. 

*Meditate and then journal or voice memo your insights–this is a time of heightened intuition and psychic connection.
*Take baths and drink lots of water—-immerse yourself in the watery cancer new moon energy.
*Get out in nature, it is time to slow down and connect with Gaia’s heartbeat.
*Schedule time to be alone, you cannot just hope time will appear. 
*Listen to music, find your inner rhythm and engage with it.

Allow your SENSES to come into your point of focus. Venus in Taurus calls to our SENSUALITY. Take time to experience touch, food, drink, the earth beneath your feet….feel….

July 9th brings a full moon in Capricorn that has other astrological aspects (I’m looking at you Mars and Pluto!) that will be making this a time where tensions and tempers may flare. Something to remember about anger; it shows where you are being trespassed against–and where you are trespassing against your Self. Listen to it—-but try not to REACT to it. Do not let it move you. Ground and center—-then from that place of clarity—RESPOND. If you have been paying attention to your emotional, physical, intuitive and energetic bodies you will be able to better act as a Sacred Witness to the up coming gateways. 

The quick and dirty of it; check yourself before you wreck yourself.

There is a sweetness to the upcoming gateways…..a divine dance with the senses, the ego, your desires and thoughts….and if you allow and process it (own your shit!) you may see a clearer path and vision opening before you. Come 2018, get ready to take flight.

June 21st is the Summer/Winter solstice. 

The day out of time is July 25th. A major gateway and anchor point. We then head into the Lion’s Gate August 5th through August 15th, where we will receive codes of light. Then we have a full solar eclipse on August 21st. This is the first time since 1979 (my birth year) that we will have a full solar eclipse over the United states. Are you feeling the energy building? I will be posting on this later in the season. Blessings to you~~~~~~


🔹Are you feeling the wobble? We have been receiving codes of light that are rocking us. I wanted to share this here as well…I feel that how we surf these current waves will determine how things unfold for us during the next nine months or so. We are being given access to highly potent codes of light, and yes, it feels like they are blasting us and it doesn’t feel very gentle, but it is serving a purpose. Trust your inner knowing.

🔹The current energy stream is calling for us to go deeper within, and to anchor within the heartspace. If you have been ignoring this call you may be feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and triggered.

🔹Deepen, lovelies. You’ve got this.




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I woke around 4:14 am. Not my favorite time to be awake, but I’ve learned to flow with things. I received a very clear download. I saw a circle, with many other circles around it of varying sizes. Like the tumbler of a lock, the circles were slowly lining up, I could hear the ticking and clicking. When they finally lined up perfectly I could hear and feel an echoing pulse of energy. I then heard, “The portal has opened.”


Light pulsed down in a steady to the planet creating a stream of conscious energy–activating the earth grid to assist us now. This energy is going to create slipstreams so that shifts can occur quickly, bringing soul families and star clusters (earth angels) together. We will feel this cellularly, and depending on your own energy field you may feel quite tired or over caffeinated. (I was EXHAUSTED yesterday, but feeling pretty good today).  


When I see and feel downloads like this it is a multidimensional experience. In that moment I was expanded, simply awareness/consciousness–yet totally aware of being in my body, laying in bed (wishing I could sleep). The most interesting thing about this portal activation is that it was not on my radar. I feel like it occurred to assist us because so many people are struggling to clear pain and trauma that is presenting as anger, rage, depression, apathy. We need people to be in their hearts holding light—increasing the vibration of the planet–not because it sounds nice, but because we are literally shifting. We came here to do this work. 


Expect the unexpected. Heightened synchronicities, new connections, and clarity will likely be occurring after your cells integrate this upgrade. 


Practical steps to take:

• pay close attention to your body, and be sensitive to its needs. 

• allow your feelings, and express them. Give yourself time to ground and anchor before speaking. 

• nature! Water! Journaling! Good friends! Sunlight! You know the drill.😉


I looked for a picture or artwork representing the portal, oddly there wasn’t anything. I do feel like there’s probably a crop circle somewhere that looks like this. 😉

Rise and Shine

Navigating life and energy shifts from a heart based perspective has been one of the over-riding messages from Spirit over the last few years (few thousand years, perhaps? 😉 Hopefully something within today’s message resonates and
helps you on your journey!

💫Please bear with me as I stumble my way through astrological explanations, while hitting on collective frequency shifts that I have been feeling.🙂🦋 I have included some handy websites for those looking to understand their north and south nodes. I have to say—I love the dragon connection (the south node is also called the dragon’s tail, and the north node is called the dragon’s head) and I will be researching that further.
💫If you don’t already know your nodes, here’s a handy chart http://www.drstandley.com/astrologycharts_north_and_south_n…

💫Info on the nodes, and what YOUR personal nodes mean http://www.leahwhitehorse.com/…/the-lunar-nodes-through-th…/
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Release and Expand

The last three days have been intense while we “jump tracks.” The collective is going through a shift that is bringing truth up to the surface. That quote about the truth pissing you off before it sets you free is really hitting home for me. This is shift occurring at a cellular level, so be gentle with yourself—and others.

My dreams have been quite vivid. I am a dream worker and often my dreams are just me over lighting for other people. So it was last night. I dreamt that I traveled around the world doing energy work and massage on certain people. (Codes of Light transferred) I also dreamt about a giant horse that followed me around like a dog, which was both concerning and enchanting. (My divine helper)

Like an omnipresent being, I could hear people’s thoughts and fears —many of them were worried and weighed down by the things they had done that were out of alignment. One Woman telepathically spoke of feeling that she was always wearing a mask and fake. A contractor destroyed himself with guilt when he used subpar building equipment. These people were desperate because they felt trapped in their own shame and guilt. Acting as the divine witness to their pain, I showed them that nothing needed to be repaid (on a soul level) and they needed to release these heavy and dense emotions.

✨Release is an ACTION and not a thought. The reason people hold onto heavy and dense emotions is because they fear the actions that would set them free.✨

Expand your energy, connect consciously— earth star to soul star—above and below. When you anchor your energy and expand it in such a way, you become a stabilizing force during turbulent times.

Don’t worry if you’ve been feeling in between, anxious or unsettled. You were born to ride these waves—and when you choose to consciously focus on what you desire, you are choosing to shift into a more joyous and expanded energy.

I’ve talked about this before, but once again I feel the energy of 2018. In 2015 spirit showed me that 2015, 2016 and 2017 would be preparation years and that 2018 and be “lift off.”
Remember, as you heal–you heal for all. The collective will be lighter for it, and your lineage.

I’m sending out waves of love to you~~~~~~~

Surfing The Waves

Hello! Are you feeling the shifts? It has been a constant pulse of energetic grid upgrades since 2016—and surfing this energy is our new normal!

💫Today we have more messages and cards validating the need to ground and anchor so that we may express our joys, desires, and passions. As we head into the new moon, feeling the effects of the recent solar winds, Spirit also offers a message around detoxing our physical bodies and eating high frequency foods.Many blessings to you!

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New Moon Build Up

We are building towards Wesak, an energy convergence that will occur on May 10th, the full moon in Taurus. This is a time where the Buddhist energy of LIGHT and the Christ Consciousness energy of HEART EXPANSION converge and activate the grids on the planet. Light ALWAYS serves to clarify. This is a cellular process and for some, it may feel harsh as any dross that is ready to lift off is shed. 

What can we do? GROUND. CONSCIOUSLY activate your light body on a daily basis. Cleanse and clear your energy field. When you are regularly doing self work, energy shifts that are designed to AMPLIFY light (which means they also show contrast—-i.e. what needs to be released, healed or transmuted) will occur with more grace.

Beloveds, I am holding you and Gaia in love. I am lighting a candle….holding the intention that all may find that point of stillness within that allows for expansion. The last card in today’s daily speaks volumes…….The Impossible Made Possible.