New Moon Build Up

We are building towards Wesak, an energy convergence that will occur on May 10th, the full moon in Taurus. This is a time where the Buddhist energy of LIGHT and the Christ Consciousness energy of HEART EXPANSION converge and activate the grids on the planet. Light ALWAYS serves to clarify. This is a cellular process and for some, it may feel harsh as any dross that is ready to lift off is shed. 

What can we do? GROUND. CONSCIOUSLY activate your light body on a daily basis. Cleanse and clear your energy field. When you are regularly doing self work, energy shifts that are designed to AMPLIFY light (which means they also show contrast—-i.e. what needs to be released, healed or transmuted) will occur with more grace.

Beloveds, I am holding you and Gaia in love. I am lighting a candle….holding the intention that all may find that point of stillness within that allows for expansion. The last card in today’s daily speaks volumes…….The Impossible Made Possible.

Rise, Phoenix!

Perhaps you are still shaking off the intensity of the last year, or nine years if you include the fact that we are exiting a nine year cycle and beginning a new one. Even so, there is a freshness to the egregore that feels full of potential. We have been laying the groundwork and we now get to stand on this solid foundation with a heightened level sovereignty and self mastery. After all, you have been through the trials of the heros journey.

What choices were you making nine years ago? That was the beginning of the last nine year cycle. 2007 brought many changes for me. I gave birth. I began seeking a community of like minded people–which I found the following year. My life began to grow in new and exciting ways.

Here we are now—at this new precipice. In this video I speak about the current collective energy and how at the mental level it can feel harsh and heavy. For some, this fresh start feels full of fear and uncertainty. Spirit is asking you to expand, to push yourself past that mental block and connect with your soul. Resist the collective frequency around fear, disconnect from the mass hypnosis. This is a very good time to unplug and purposefully create sacred space and go within.Tune inward. Keeping your eyes and heart open makes it easy to see what needs to be shifted in your life.

Action is the main word Spirit has been highlighting. If there is something troubling you, do not avoid it, do not worry about it. Focus on the solution and then ACT! This is YOUR time to rise. To emerge as the multi-dimensional, sparkly, amazing soul that you know you are!

Wayshowers are on the leading edge, and that means they are different. You cannot herald the new and next if you’re trying to fit in to the old paradigm. Yes this means creating a new path–but do not forget, you were born for this!

If you find yourself feeling heavy and tired, know that you are integrating. If you find yourself frustrated, sad or angry know that you are feeling a collective frequency. Even so, especially so!–ground deeply and rise up. Connect with your high self and with Source. For you are not meant to vibrate at the collective frequency, you’re meant to shine and hold the new light. In this way, others may see.

I would love to assist you on your path, if you feel so called CONNECT WITH ME HERE!

Self-Care and Authenticity


What does righteous truth and authenticity have to do with self-care?

Quite simply, without self-care and extreme self-love, we get so far from our


that we cannot stand firmly in it.

We become pleasers.

Empaths learn at a young age to keep their mouths shut, not rock the boat, because it HURTS and is UNCOMFORTABLE when others are displeased.

In order to dive into why radical honesty is so radical, let’s explore self-care and self-betrayal……

Some people naturally have skin like steel——other people’s energy, words and emotions run off of them like water off a duck’s back.

Sensitive souls, empaths, have to learn how to navigate the world while feeling other people’s energy and emotions as their own, and the confusion from this often leads to many experiences of painful self-betrayal; pleasing others, staying safe and staying small.

Learning how to stand your ground and figure out which battles need to be fought, and which you need to walk (the fuck) away from is part of life’s lessons. This task is made all the harder when your senses are expansive. Not to mention the empath/narcissist dynamic. Narcissists LOVE empaths because empaths want to support others and narcissists are bottomless pits of self serving need. They also manipulate and gaslight the hell out of everyone around them, and the tender empath often wonders what they have done wrong instead of seeing the truth, the narcissist in their life is doing their best to control them. Learning to detect narcissistic energy vampires is key. Trust your gut folks! If someone makes you feel exhausted, there is a reason. No need to understand it, just walk away. 

If you have self-betrayed or been hurt by others it can make you want to stay small. (safe)

Resist the urge to hold back. Not everyone is going to vibe with you.

People understanding your truth is NOT the point of speaking your truth.

Freeing and embodying your soul is the reason you stand in, live and breathe your truth.

You came here to be YOU.

Not some dimmed down safer version of you.

In the meantime, keeping honing your gifts, learning and discovering new ways to express.

Align, then take action.

You’ve got this.

Until next time, I send out many, many blessings to you.



Dragon Energy & DNA Activations 

Sun Rise

At last we are through the tunnel and on the other side of our most recent cycle of eclipses. I woke this morning from a dream about freeing dragons, and tried to go back to sleep. The sun had other plans. It was shining into my room and reflecting off of the mirror–dazzling one of my favorite crystals. I could feel it calling to me with its pure golden rays, “get up Hannah!” Sleeping in would have been nice-but who doesn’t love a beautiful sunrise? (I did not add a filter to the picture above, it was simply that beautifully gold! )

I felt a wave of energy move through me and received insight on what was shiftng within the collective. Internally, I was guided to go in nature. There are a thousand big and small ways we assist in the collective expansion, today my job was to work with the energy I was feeing coursing through me–and moving through the collective grid. I walked up one of my favorite small mountains, breathing in the sun’s light, consciously moving it through my energy centers and then down into the earth, then back up in a circular pattern. (This happens to be a wonderful walking meditation btw)

I to love dragon energy, and that is what I was feeling. Purifying. Awakening. Paradigm shattering. Spirit calls them the bones of the earth, and indeed, they are Keepers of Ancient Knowledge. Years ago I was told I would be a “walking bibliotheque.” At the time, I had very little understanding of what that meant, but today I know that it means to EMBODY the innate wisdom of my soul and to integrate it. Today, the dragons brought through the specific phrase, “synthesis of Self.” This means to integrate who and what you are and embody it.

I do not often talk about my private work with Spirit, but it feels important to share the story. It is through stories that we learn and reflect on who we are and what feels right for us.

May this day bring you many blessings and may your journey be ever graceful–and in joy.

I filmed the video below while out walking today. The part where I talk about pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone feels like a key piece of wisdom.

Day Out Of Time and Lions Gate

Hello sensitive souls!

If you are feeling intense energy, there is a reason! We are in an energy vortex known as the day out of time. This is based on the 13 month lunar calendar/Mayan calender. It is a planetary cycle and July 25th marks the day before the start of the new year. This also brings together masculine and feminine energies, the lunar calendar being the feminine–aligning with the solar calendar, the masculine. According to the Mayan Calendar, this will be a Blue Spectral Storm Year,

“I Dissolve in order to Catalyze

Releasing Energy

I Seal the Matrix of Self-Generation

With the Spectral Tone of Liberation

I am Guided by My Own Power Doubled.”
If you’re not familiar with the Mayan calendar, or your Mayan calendar sign, I highly recommend looking into it and/or buying one.

Phew! So here we are. In that space between what was and what will be. If you’re sensitive you are likely feeling intensity. An energy booming within you like thunder, insisting that you own it, listen to it and honor it. “It” will not be denied because this energy is YOU. Your soul is very awake right now it is kindly pointing out everything that is not up to par, is dishonoring you or is falling short of your full and complete authenticity. I keep having the feeling of thunder rattling our inner walls, shaking away everything that is false. I find it very interesting that this is a spectral storm year, according to the Mayan calendar. Let those winds of change blow within you! Remember that lightning and thunder is about paradigm shift.

Here’s some practical steps to take today, and over the coming weeks:

  • Make your voice heard. This can be done privately, written down or said to anyone trying to trespass against your boundaries–DO NOT keep your preferences and truths silent.
  • Go out of your way to offer yourself extreme and radical self love.
  • Move your body in a GROUNDING way. This is vital right now!
  • Allow yourself to feel. Anything you have been denying will start banging against you—you can either allow it move through you with grace or move through you like thunder. But move it will. So acknowledge your feelings! They will not tolerate suppression during the Lions gate.

The old is dying away, my friends. Let it go. Release. Surrender. Do not fear the greatness within you.
We are entering the Lion’s Gate portal. Be prepared for soul and cellular galactivation! Everything is aligned for you to receive high frequency energy into your Lightbody, and it comes to a head on August 8th. We will continue to feel the energy afterwards, as it integrates. This is leading us up into our next eclipse season. I want to touch on something I said in my last video and post, gone are the days where we are downloaded with energy and we have long pauses with which to integrate this new and expanded frequency. We are now having to really step up and own who we are, because the energy is pulsing in a steady rhythm. This frequency is cosmic, galactic, crystalline, and diamond light encoded.

As you feel so guided, create time to be in Sacred Space. Open up a channel between you and your High Self, state that you are willing to receive your highest and greatest good now. I am a divine activator. This means that I transmit codes of light to people and to Gaia and throughout the cosmos in order to expand us in grace. This is part of my soul purpose and I do this with reverence and love. Click here to book a personal session!

May this current expansion bring you many blessings and abundant self-awareness!💎

Sacral Chakra Rising

While in meditation today, I was seeking clarity about this most recent surge of violence. What I saw and was shown was the earth pulsing in red–the root chakra– and then was told that we were now going to be pulsing in orange–The sacral chakra. New creation, desires, feeling deeply.

To say that the past few weeks have been intense would be quite the understatement. When intuitives and empaths talk about intense energy, they are usually speaking of the unseen and intangible. And it was unseen and intangible. At first I felt it like tremors quaking up from the core of the planet through the root chakra, making each person feel uncertain, raw and edgy. And then the energy became loud and quite tangible–with violence across the globe–and it has served to wakeup and shake up the collective, and hopefully get people feeling in a genuine way. Heart open. This is raw and this is messy, but hopefully (if you are willing to take down your inner barriers) it is real. If people have the courage to go deeper than their own pain and anger, miracles can occur.

I sought refuge in art. Dripping red paint on a black canvas. The womb calling to be seen and heard and felt. A golden opening, the beauty that is the divine feminine. Sacral chakra. A pulse. A rhythm. FEEL. CREATE. BE PASSIONATE. Be love. 

This was my soul’s answer and response to the anguish I was seeing and feeling. I felt the call to go deeply into the body. Deeply into presence. 

I pray in art.

EVERYTHING is birthed through the feminine essence and body. The richness of sacred and holy blood is often shunned while everyone wants the flower. The womb and yoni are fully one — and to try to have one and not the other creates dissociation and denial of the highest order.
Unify this rawness with authenticity, your passion and desires. Go deeply within your own truths, energy, body. Seek out the dusty and dark corners within–because I promise you, cosmic/collective energy is working beautifully to push the dark subconscious/unconscious shadowy and cobwebby energy up into your consciousness. Does this feel good? Not usually. But it is assisting you to come into alignment. Whether you are a man or a woman you can work with sacral chakra energy.

Be unity by unifying yourself. Do not fear your authentic creativity when we are collectively grieving. This is not about dissociating through distraction, it’s about being lit up with righteous inspiration. Being lit up….being light. 

Heed the call of your own sacral chakra, womb, hara.

If this post has resonated with you or helped you, please feel free to share or comment. We are a community, and when we co-create and support each other we spread the love and the light.✨

May you be the light, strength and peace you seek in this world.

Becoming The Stabilizing Force

The loudest message from Spirit over the last two weeks has been around self-care. And no wonder! We have been rocked with a wave of energy that has shaken the collective root chakra—this is good–as it can shake people awake. But it can also create a sense of danger. Current global events reflect this and many are feeling fearful, defensive and aggressive.

When our root chakras are clear and open, we feel grounded, safe, secure and able. When our root chakras are clouded and closed we are prone to feeling unmotivated, unsafe, unsure and this can lead to a sense of needing to defend or protect oneself. But it also forces you get clear on what you need and want in your life, that is, if you’re willing to be honest and not deflect your anger and fear onto others. Even the grosser patterns humans play out can be a gift, as it is the unconscious and collective subconscious being pushed up to the surface. These are the “ugly parts” that people don’t wish to see–and wish they did not have. Unless this is addressed within, it will remain part of the collective pattern. So again, self-care. Self-love.

The good news is that YOU can do much simply by acknowledging, clarifying and transmuting your own feelings. When you do this you become a stabilizing force on this planet. The impact of this is huge!

But first you need to clear collective debris so you can feel your OWN energy. Clarity is key.

Good questions to ask right now;

  • When is the last time I journaled?

  • When is the last time I took a bath?

  • When is the last time I moved enough to raise my heartbeat and break a sweat?

  • When is the last time I did something out of sheer joy?

These questions may seem frivolous, but these activities serve to bring you back into your center, clear away toxic/sludgy energy and hones your truth.

I find clarity and peace by being out in nature. I made this short video and guided meditation/activation in response to the intense energy I was feeling. Let me know if it helps!

And here is a link to just the meditation/activation 🙂

We are all in this together. Keep shining your light! Many, many blessings on your day!