“So grateful for the support and guidance I have found being a part of this group. I’ve known the general direction I need/want to go but Hannah is great at helping you figure things/direction out. She does it without “telling you” but rather guiding! I am well beyond where I was before. My focus and dedication to self have grown immensely! Thank you for you are truly a blessing! 💫💜💫”
~Jeanne Seelye

“Hannah is a highly intuitive Sensitive that has given me plenty of guidance when my Soul was searching for some support. She knows and understands the language of Spirit and articulates her mediumship with such grace and ease. I HIGHLY recommend her!”
~Debbie Matievich, Astrologer

“Hannah is an amazing resource for so many things. She always knows exactly what is needed in each moment. Her compassionate intuitive approach is disarming and allows you to surrender deeply into the healing process. She is trustworthy, honest, clear, and focused. She is clearly channeling the divine and deeply healing energies. You will never regret spending time with Hannah, you will walk away uplifted, inspired, and transformed. I highly, highly recommend her!”
~Diane Connor, Divine Embodiment Facilitator

“Thank you for the personal reading a few weeks ago….everything was very consistent with my current events and you covered so much. When I have a lot going on its hard to focus into my own stuff! You were able to guide me in such a way …I felt centered immediately! And the topics we discussed have come to fruition and have been spot on…Thanks again ! I’m sure we will be in touch in the near future 😉
~Laquita Carman, LMT, Energy Worker


“My work with Hannah exceeded any and all expectations. She is truly a gifted intuitive with an authentic connection to Spirit. She ’gets’ the bigger picture of why we are here, to experience and learn. She will not tell you what you WANT to hear, she will impart the messages that you and your higher-self NEED to hear.”
~Michelle A Motuzas, author of Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards


Gotta love serendipity!


~Mimi Clark, Astrologer

” Hannah has been consistently a pleasure to work with, and does all her work with true light, joy and love. That makes her professional output not only extremely connected and high energy, but always exactly what I need to hear and pure. I am blessed she is in my life and a guiding source of inspiration and truth.”



“Her messages come at the perfect time. Hannah seems to pass on information to me at the perfect time for me to absorb/hear it. Her ability to allow and give space for the truth to come through her is an amazing gift. She facilitates a sacred productive space that is welcoming and warm. I am very new to channeling this higher vibration and Hannah has been a helpful guide, a bright light holder, and a trusted source.”
~Tess Meyer